Joy, Love and Purpose

You want to change your life and come into the highest potential of your personal power. You are ready to say "YES!" to the true unfolding of your Soul's Mission. You are ready to commit to your healing and awakening on every level.

I work with visionaries.

I work with dreamers and alchemists.

I work with people who know that they are the master architects of their own lives.

Contact me for my GIFT to you: a free 30 minute introductory call with me! We'll discuss your journey thus far and get some clarity on where you are, any blockages holding you back and the next steps moving forward.

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Michelle’s work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers who have only recently come through their awakening into their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen... She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best.
— Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA

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