The 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy

7 Sessions. 90 Days. Total Transformation.

You want to create radical change, and you need powerful support.

you desire deep healing and actualization.

You are ready to transform.

Your Road Map for Personal Transformation

Go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to fully Transformed and Empowered.


Is this for you? 

Have you ever wanted to create big transformation in your life, but had no idea how to do it?

Have you ever had life changes suddenly shift everything, and leave you feeling lost?

What if there were a road map through the process of transformation? Would you want it? Do you need it right now?

When it comes to big life changes, most of us feel resistant, anxious and overwhelmed. We avoid big changes that need to take place, and we feel afraid when big changes happen to us. Trust me—I have been there, too. I used to feel a pit of anxiety and frustration in my stomach when it came to transformation. I felt lost through the process of change, but I didn’t know there was another way.

When I learned Alchemy, everything changed.

Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated about things I wanted to change, I confidently initiated powerful transformation. Instead of avoiding change and feeling anxious when I couldn’t avoid it any longer, I felt empowered to transform into my Highest Self and know that I was on the right track.

Since then, I’ve wanted the same for you. I want you to have the tools of Alchemy to help you feel empowered to create your own Transformation into your best Self and your best life.

And after sharing this work with hundreds of students and clients, I’ve found that when we master the process of Transformation and Personal Alchemy, amazing things happen.

Michelle Hawk Shaman Spiritual Mentor Portland
I made a commitment to myself to actualize and transform my true self into my best self through Alchemy. Through this program I experienced true magic and deep self love. Trust the process and everything that you need is within you. Because of this course I will continue to devote myself into my spiritual work. We all need more love and light in our lives. The #1 thing I will remember from working with Michelle is her heart.
— Ilza Mitsou Pierre, Reiki Healer and Alchemist of Love. Portland, OR
Deer Seeker, the world needs you to express your original medicine spiritual mentorship portland michelle hawk shaman

The 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy Framework

Alchemy, an ancient body of knowledge originating over 10,000 years ago, is a powerful Spiritual philosophy that offers a clear framework for transformation. Alchemy in modern culture refers to transmuting lead into gold, but the core principle of Alchemical philosophy is the transformation from Spiritual immaturity into enlightenment, or “stuckness” into Wholeness.

Alchemy works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual) and its seven stages may be universally applied to any object, relationship, energy, idea, body, belief system or thought form. If you’re looking to create big transformation in your life, the 7 stages of Alchemy will help you create powerful, effective change on all levels.

The 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy framework uses the seven stages to move you completely through the process of Transformation—one session for each stage of the Alchemical process.

The 7 Stages of Alchemy

Michelle Hawk Shaman Reiki Master Code Activation
  1. Calcination

    Burn away old patterns and structures.

  2. Dissolution

    Release emotional charge, energetic residue and trauma.

  3. Separation

    Purify your energies and connect to your Higher Self vision.

  4. Conjunction

    Build new structures that serve you, cultivate healthy patterns and beliefs.

  5. Fermentation

    Reconnect with Divine energy to reanimate your new structures.

  6. Distillation

    Connect with your core Truth, intuition and inner essence.

  7. Coagulation

    Embody your fully actualized Self!

Through your 7 sessions, you will:

  • Fully release the structures, patterns, beliefs and emotions that are not serving you, keeping you small and holding you back.

  • Gain powerful perspective, understanding and connect with your Higher Self vision for your life.

  • Create new structures, patterns, beliefs and practices that support your empowered well-being.

  • Fully reconnect with Divine energy, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and Universal Life Force.

  • Cultivate your intuitive knowing and fully embody your Truth.

  • Actualize as the fully empowered, whole version of your Self and live a life you truly love.

Michelle Hawk Testimonial Alchemy Spiritual Mentor Awakening Shaman Alchemist Healer Yoga Teacher
Working with Michelle is like learning to ride a bike. She takes off the training wheels (usually when you aren’t even aware of it) and all of a sudden you are flying with confidence, free as the wind, sure of where you are going and how you will get there. There is time to relish the journey, and a safety net of her wisdom and guidance to help you. There is profound freedom in finding the right path for your journey – Michelle is an amazing guide.

Michelle’s wisdom, humor, questions and guidance gave me a template and charted my course. I no longer doubt myself, nor my journey. When I have moments of hesitation, I open my toolbox (she provided most of the tools) and take the time to be silent and listen to my guides and the universe. In that quiet space are the answers. This is one of her her gifts – the ability to find this space – invaluable. I am so grateful.
— Star Studonivc, Healer and Yoga Teacher

Begin Your Transformation

Here’s how to get started working with Michelle:

  1. Submit your application by clicking the button.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Put your first session on the calendar!

The 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy includes:

Handbook 7 Stages of Alchemy Transformation Alchemist Michelle Hawk Spiritual Mentor Shaman Healer Healing
  • 7 x 75-minute sessions

  • The 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy handbook

  • Training videos and Alchemy teachings

  • Integration and meditation practices

  • Access to Michelle between sessions

  • FREE attendance to Lunar Alchemy events

  • FREE membership in a private online community

  • Discounts and Early Bird admission to other trainings and programs


Your 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy Details

7 sessions over 90 days

$777/month x3 months, or $2100 paid in full

Begin your Personal Alchemy journey by filling out and submitting your application.



How does payment work?

Upon acceptance into 7 Stages of Personal Alchemy, you will receive a payment form. You may choose between monthly billing and pay in full. Monthly billing deducts automatically every month. If you choose to pay in full, you will make one payment of $2100. You are responsible for completing all payments.

How will I know if I'm accepted?

I personally review every application and interview all potential clients. If it feels like we're a great fit to work together, I will invite you at the end of our interview! You’ll receive a welcome email that contains further details and instructions.

What if I want more support?

If you want to continue working with me after 90 days, we may extend our work together with further mentorship and training!

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How do I schedule my sessions?

You'll receive a private booking link to schedule your sessions. You are responsible for putting yourself on my calendar. I recommend scheduling sessions every 2 weeks for best pacing of our work.

What if I can't get a time I want or I don't use all my sessions?

If there are absolutely no booking times that work for your schedule, please let me know and we can work it out. Sessions do not roll over past 90 days, so please make sure to use them! Sessions that are unused by the end of 90 days expire.

Where do we meet?

If you are in Portland and would like to come meet with me in person for your sessions, that’s an option! If you’re not local or prefer to meet virtually, we’ll meet either on my private conference line, or on Zoom if you’re international.


Begin Your Transformation

Here’s how to get started working with Michelle:

  1. Submit your application by clicking the button.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Put your first session on the calendar!