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 Michelle Hawk Levesque: Shaman, Reiki Master in Portland, OR
It's amazing how the core essence of who we are and what we're doing in the world can be right in front of our faces, and yet it sometimes takes years of practice, learning, falling down and peeling back the layers to see it properly.

I AM an Alchemist, and I have been one for not only this entire life, but definitely many lifetimes. Mentors and friends have reflected this to me over the years:

"Michelle, you're addicted to personal growth."

"Transformation is your THING."

"You work with the process of change better than anyone I know."

And yet, for most of my life, I was blind to the bigger vision of what I was doing.

I used to fear change because I didn't understand it.

I submitted to transformation with gritted teeth because it felt beyond me, bigger than me and outside of me. I felt subject to the whims of the Universe and awash in a sea of energetic currents, and it felt as though every ounce of ground I gained took colossal effort.

Over the years, I learned to align with the Universal energy currents--the Cycles of Power--and to ride the waves rather than try to steer against them. I developed tools to bring ease and grace to my life. I softened my relationship with change. Eventually, I learned to enjoy and look forward to the process of transformation with excitement, because I finally understood it.

I had the tangible skills and the embodied practices to become the magical creator of my life.

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation. For thousands of years and and for many devotees, the process of Alchemy provided the keys to undergo initiations of the spirit, burning away all that was heavy and impure in order to reveal the gleaming gold of an awakened soul. My work has taken me through this magical process--not in a laboratory, surrounded by mysterious apparatuses and steaming chemicals, but within my own Self... my I AM.

It has taken me years, but I've finally opened my eyes to see the core of what I've been doing all along:

I have been learning Alchemy--the art and science of transformation--so that I may come into the fullest expression of my I AM. Through mastering my Self, I mastered the cycles of creation in the world around me.

And I AM sharing that art and science of transformation with you so that you can do the same. We no longer have the luxury of waiting around for change to happen to us and hoping that our lives might improve. We are well beyond trying to "figure it out as we go along" and hoping that will have the desired results.

Let us step into Self Mastery together and become the magical creators of our I AM, our lives and our world.

 As Above, So Below. As Without, So Within. Let us begin.

Many blessings,

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Michelle’s work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers which have only recently come through their awakening to their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen. She brings a lot of tools to the table. More than I can even express here...

She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best.
— Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA
 Shaman Alchemist Michelle Hawk Portland OR

Michelle Hawk "Official" Bio

Shaman, Healer, Mentor, Alchemist

Michelle Hawk is truly a 21st century Alchemist. In addition to her natural gifts as a psychic and intuitive Channel, Michelle's work with Shamanic energies and certification as a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master and Illuminated Master Healer™ allow her to offer healing work at the deepest level. She has committed herself to the health and well-being of her global Tribe and works in service through private sessions, classes, community involvement and Spiritual mentorship in the Divine Feminine lineage for children and adults of all ages.

Animal Lover

Her abilities as an animal communicator were discovered at an early age through her uncanny connection with animals. Today, Michelle uses this connection not only to speak with animals about behavioral and health concerns, but to share their profound messages regarding life purpose, love, death and The Universe as a whole. Animals were her first teachers and Michelle credits her childhood dog, Ginger, with bringing her into her gifts as a healer. Although she also works with humans, Michelle will always continue to work with animals and honor their medicine as powerful, Spiritual beings.

Scientist, Communicator

In addition to her experience and certification in various healing modalities, Michelle's credentials include a degree in biology (specializing in animal physiology and behavior) and Spanish. Her scientific education gives her a great familiarity with anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and biochemistry, allowing her to easily collaborate with primary care physicians and veterinarians to support holistic treatment plans. Her fluency in Spanish enables her to offer her healing work to ESL and non-English-speaking students and clients.

Portland, OR Native

Michelle Hawk (Michelle Levesque) was born and raised in Portland, OR. On the forefront of the Spirituality movement in the Pacific Northwest, she has seen the city grow into a mecca for those coming into their own Spiritual awakening and journey of personal growth and discovery. She is pleased to offer her established practice in Portland to those looking for in-person sessions, and she is also available for distance work. All over the country, people seek out Michelle for guidance as they go inward and step into their personal power as Divine Embodied Beings.

Michelle también ofrece sesiones de comunicación con animales y Reiki en español!