Animal Communicator Michelle Hawk Levesque with Horse in Portland, OR

What Is Animal Communication?

Michelle communicates with animals involves using telepathy (also known as clairvoyant or mind-to-mind communication) to connect with them and find out what they have to say. Animals use words, images, sounds and other sensations to convey their messages. Michelle "sees" through their eyes, feels what they feel in their bodies and is able to convey their thoughts in their own words. This is as close to a "real" conversation as it gets!

Time and space are not obstacles when connecting to an animal. It is possible to communicate with an animal anywhere in the world, or even with animals who have passed away through mediumship.

When to Hire an Animal Communicator

Hire Michelle to consult on:

  • Household harmony: resolve disagreements between pets, build trusting relationships and family dynamics, etc.
  • Behavior*: get the story behind your dog barking, your cat clawing the furniture, marking territory, etc.
  • Forever home and family: find out if a potential pet is “right” for you and help them integrate smoothly into your family.
  • Periods of transition: counsel your pet if there’s a death in the family, an impending move, a new baby, etc.
  • Health concerns**: ask how they’re feeling—anything from old injuries and indigestion to FIV and cancer.
  • Time to say goodbye: ask your pet when they’re ready without worrying if you let them go too early or too late.
  • Connecting with your pets after death: our beloved animals never truly leave us. Find closure, move through the grieving process and learn the beautiful lessons they have to share.
  • Horse and rider team-building: create the foundation of a relationship based in trust, love and clear communication.
  • Just “checking in”: keep the lines of communication open and find out what’s on their mind!

Which Animal Healing Session Package or Custom Package is right for you?

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*While Michelle cannot guarantee altering your pet's behavior, understanding the root of the situation is always essential. The animals are free to act as they like, though Michelle has had great success in creating successful, cooperative resolutions to behavioral "issues" once all sides have had their say.

**Animal communication should not be used as a substitute for veterinary consultations, a healthy diet, and exercise. Michelle does not diagnose or treat illnesses, though information gained during a session may be a helpful complement to veterinary work.

Michelle, I have to say I’ve talked with a number of communicators in my life and never really found one I liked. But you are so spot on—I would love to keep working with you for Daisy Mae because you clearly GET her. Thank you so much, the session was very insightful.
— Kirsten N. Boring, OR

Stable Profiles

Have you ever wondered what your lesson horses would say about themselves? In addition to individual, in-depth communication, Michelle performs mini-sessions for clients wishing to post profiles of their horses online. Let your horses talk about their skills, describe what they like about working with people, and advertise their wonderful qualities for potential riders in their own words.