Animal Healing Testimonials

Here are some of the great things clients are saying about working with Michelle for the health and happiness of their animals.

"Michelle, I am thrilled to share that Seamus has successfully/positively navigated relationships with ALL of the members of our family, animals and people, including my son who recently returned from living abroad this past year. He has made so much progress in bonding with our family and trusting in our love and commitment to him. It's pretty amazing. He moves freely throughout the house, pet door and back yard whenever someone is home. When we have to leave the animals alone, he and Cody are given the living and dining room to share and Seamus is no longer kept in his crate when we are away. He's responsive enough with recall that we can go out into the alley with both dogs off leash to play with the ball. I hope that he is as happy as we are with all of this. We've gone to an enclosed off-leash dog park several times now so that he has the freedom to run, and it is such a joy to see him speed along from one end of the area to another like a gazelle. His sweet spirit and deep soul bring much joy into our lives.

I did highly recommend you to my friends [names removed for privacy] and several other friends and clients as well. Your translation of the conversation between myself and our animals was a significant part of building relationship with Seamus and discovering additional perspectives to consider as we welcomed him into our family. I have so much gratitude for your animal communication skills and the wonderful resource you have been for us. Thank you."

– Bonnie M. Portland, OR

"Thank you, Michelle. I am amazed at your talent and ability. The conversations with Dante mean so much to me and open up a soulful journey for me. I loved him so much. He is a wise and loving soul. I am letting everything sink in for now."

– Ann G. Portland, OR

"Michelle, I cannot thank you enough. I am working on talking to Matti about what we discussed in our session with you. I am filled with joy to say that today we counter cantered!!!!! Big hugs to you and can't wait to have you meet some of my clients and come back out again :) "

– Bernadine D. (Horse Trainer) Aurora, OR

"Thank you. I am so impressed with your skills and abilities and I am so grateful for you extending yourself in this way for this reading. It’s very deeply meaningful for me and really lets me drop my shoulders and take the most stressful aspect of this move and let it be, like I don’t have to worry about my kitties. You are truly talented. Beyond anything I could have imagined....and I know A LOT of psychics! Truly a super-capacity!"

– Roby C. San Diego, CA

Animal Healing and Communication client

"A fierce heart indeed! Thank you Michelle Hawk for your amazing gift of connection and understanding and believing in Teddy's goodness. And thank you Teddy for giving me the hardest lesson of unconditional love. I know other people could learn a lot from your incredible insight and advice. The experience I went through was a big catalyst for change for me and Teddy.

Anyone curious or seeking to understand their four legged loved one, I highly suggest you check Michelle out. I guarantee you will be amazed!"

– Noelle H. San Diego, CA

"Thanks so much for our session last night! I couldn't believe how connected you seemed to the cats... the first thing you said was, "Ruby is coiling around your ankles," and that is exactly what she was doing. You said some very powerful things that I really want to tune in and connect to. Thanks again so much. I really appreciate the work that you did with us last night."

– Julia C. Los Angeles, CA

"Michelle, I have to say I’ve talked with a number of communicators in my life and never really found one I liked. But you are so spot on—I would love to keep working with you for Daisy Mae because you clearly GET her. Thank you so much, the session was very insightful."

– Kirsten N. Boring, OR

From an online review:

"This evening I was BLESSED to have a reading with animal communicator (and so much more) Michelle Hawk. She is the REAL deal and the most talented animal communicator I have ever worked with! I can not recommend her enough! If you have fur babies that you would like to communicate with--either here or already crossed over, this would be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself and them! Please tell her I sent you as I want her to know how grateful I am for all of her help with Spot and Alfie."

– R. C. Escondido, CA

From an online review:

"Michelle was such a pleasure to work with! Not only is she extremely present, intuitive and professional, her work outshone all other animal communication practitioners that I've worked with in the past, including teachers who teach classes on the subject! I was blown away by the content and amount of information she channeled through from my cat and with the tools she provided to help me lovingly nurture our relationship following the session. I would highly recommend having a session with Michelle. She's a wonderful woman and a clear channel...the absolute real deal!"

– Kristen B. New York, NY

From my Yelp page:

"WOW! Michelle is an amazing animal communicator! I have 2 amazing kitties for over 12 years as well as 2 adorable angora rabbits. Mimi my bunny has been having a hard time with ear mites, as well as problems with her vestibular system and her balance. I took her to the vet many times and nothing they gave her seemed to remedy the problem.

When Michelle came over to talk to my animals she first shared with me any messages that my animals had for me, and then allowed me to ask any questions I wanted. I asked Mimi about her health and the first thing she communicated was that she had a pinched nerve in her shoulder and right arm and she was being careful to not put a lot of weight on it because it was hurting her. Mimi had previously fallen in her cage a week or so prior and landed on her right side and broke off her right pinky toe nail. Michelle was unaware of Mimi's fall, and I quickly saw how tuned in with her she was!! She also helped me to switch Mimi's medicine to a more natural medicine source, using some "Young Living" essential oils. Mimi loved the change!! She is improving rapidly and happily!

There would have been no way that I could have figured out on my own that Mimi was having nerve pain, and it was such an incredible blessing to finally be able to have a conversation with my animals and ask them how they feel, what they like and don't like, and so on. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone that has pets!! It has transformed my relationship with all my animals! I finally feel like I understand them and they understand me!! If you have any questions for your animals, definitely get in touch with Michelle, you wont regret it! :)"

– Serena S. Portland, OR

From my Yelp page:

"I live in Seattle and had an Animal Communication session with Michelle over the phone for my 9-year old Cavalier King Charles "Harley". After we completed the session, she did a distance Reiki session for Harley.

I consulted with Michelle on the recommendation of a trusted & very discerning friend in Seattle.  I had several specific questions/issues I wanted to address including: barking when I leave home, stiffness in Harley's body, what seemed to be hearing loss, and the potential adoption of a rescue.

I learned SO much in that one session!  Michelle's connection to Harley was obvious - her intuitive "presentation" of Harley's personality was spot on.  The things Harley had to say to me were wonderfully surprising and resonated a great deal.  We thoroughly addressed each of my issues and Harley had time to offer her comments as the end... offering me splendid dating advice & asking for much desired peanut butter! :)

We spent a whole day out and about today, just two days after the session, and I did not see any signs of stiffness from Harley!  And yes, she's had little dabs of peanut butter too.

I will call Michelle again if and when any issues arise with Harley and I have already shared her contact information with several animal-loving friends."

– Susan F. Seattle, WA

From my Yelp page:

"Had been wanting a cat again after not having one for almost a decade. Knew I wanted to adopt a rescue cat, and I also knew that there may be issues that I would have to address with her adapting to her new home. But to my pleasant surprise, she was so happy and was so sweet and cuddly, that it warmed my heart to see her adapting so well.

Sadly, that bliss only lasted a few months and then slowly over the 2 1/2 years that I've had her, she had started to pull away from me and was even becoming violent and hissing at me though I couldn't figure out why. Her withdrawal was gradual and I chucked it up to us moving three times during the time we lived together and the weather changes (she doesn't like being hot).  But knew deep down it was something more.

I've had other animals in the past and was worried that maybe there was something more serious, maybe there was something hurting her somewhere and knew I needed to take action.  But before spending hundreds of dollars at the vet to find out what was wrong, I scheduled a session with Michelle upon recommendation.

The session was AMAZING and I learned SO MUCH about my cat and what she has been through and the issues she was still dealing with. Not only did Michelle save me hundreds of dollars in vet visits and lab tests, but she also saved Dolly from being poked and prodded for no reason. She helped Dolly and I communicate when we didn't have the tools to speak to one another. Though I am grateful for the work that veterinarians do...they couldn't do that.  

The whole reading was quite impressive to me.  Especially when she told me that Dolly had pulled something in her neck on the left side and it was really hurting her.  Dolly had been scratching at that spot over and over and making sad little sounds when she did, as if she were trying to scratch the pain out.  But what blew my mind the most was that Michelle could have said ANY area of her body, but she specifically told me that Dolly told her she was hurting THERE. Amazing.

Within the hour after Michelle spoke with us, Dolly came out to sit with me and even was SUPER cuddly with me just like the old days.  I've been massaging that part of her neck and can tell that the muscle has loosened up and she is feeling much better.  Before, I couldn't get close enough to her to touch her to see what was wrong.  It's been a few weeks now and we are like peas and carrots again and now I know what upsets her and how to avoid the things that upset her.  Can say with all honesty that I can actually FEEL how much more relaxed she is and she is so happy!

Animals are such beautiful, magical and sensitive creatures, but they can't actually "speak" to us to let us know what is going on with them or to tell us when or where something hurts.  Dolly and I will be forever GRATEFUL to Michelle for not only bringing us back together, but also for helping us to understand each other in such great detail.

Thank you, Michelle.  You are a gift to the animal kingdom...and the human one, too ; ) !"

– Kelsey J. Portland, OR

"Michelle, I noticed that after the communication session, Lemme has a lot more trust in me and has been more active! Thank you again! I don't know where I'd be today without you!"

– Amber P. Gresham, OR

"I have to share that in the last half hour (after our session) Oliver has happily gone in his crate and let me shut the door and walk away three times. He's fine! Either you made me brave enough to do it or you helped him understand why he should. Yay!! Thank you!! I'm so excited and relieved."

– Erin K. Lake Oswego, OR

From my Yelp page:

"I am part of Washington Akita Group, an Akita rescue group based in the Pacific NW. We had a bonded pair of Akitas that had separation anxiety, and were constantly escaping, causing us much worry. We had reached out to a behaviorist/trainer and that helped a bit but after the last escape from her foster's yard, we had to try something new. Michelle was recommended to us by a person who had adopted an Akita from an area shelter that had come from horrific circumstances and the results were amazing. So we thought we should give this a try.

Michelle hit many things right on the head as to the reasons these dogs might have these issues and seemed to know what both dogs were thinking and feeling. Her advice to open up to the animals resulted in almost immediate calmness in both dogs. There were no more escape attempts and it seemed the dogs knew and understood what their foster mom was telling them - that she cared and that they would always be loved and safe and that they would be going to a great new home where they would experience love and security.  

If you have tried all else and still can't get past problems - give Michelle a call. You won't regret it."

– Cecille J. Nine Mile Falls, WA

"Michelle has the amazing gift of being able to sense, speak and share impressions of her interactions with your beloved furry family members. Our first session with my cat Aluna profoundly changed our relationship in the most positive way. Though Aluna and I have always been close and I have always felt a strong connection with her, the information that Aluna shared with me through Michelle created such a depth of understanding between us. Michelle is straightforward, compassionate and speaks as an advocate for your loving pet, giving them an authentic voice. Aluna expressed beautiful imagery and spoke about how much my work (hypnotherapy and healing) means to her, and how much she participates in the healing process and balancing of energies when I am with my clients. Since then, I view Aluna as so much more than a beloved pet. She is my business partner, fellow healer and watchful guardian. Our bond is so much stronger. I understand Aluna better now, especially as to why we were brought together, and I have such a respect for her presence in my life and the life force energy she brings to this world. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your incredible gift!"

– Aymey S. Portland, OR

"Michelle did a communication session with three of my beloved cats--one deceased, two living. What a treat! It made my heart full and my eyes well with tears as I read the messages they had for me, as well as the answers to the questions I had for them. They gave Michelle images that were very specific and personal, so I knew the information was coming from them. I was given information from my living cats than enabled me to change my behavior to better interact with them--the results were amazing and almost immediate! I feel I better understand their needs, allowing me to provide them more of the attention they deserve and want. I highly recommend a communication session with Michelle. Thank you so much Michelle!"

– Abby D., LAc. Tigard, OR

"Michelle, I noticed a difference in Gypsy the minute we walked in the door [after our session with you]. At first, I attributed it to the fact that she had not been left alone in the house for that long before; but as the days passed I realized the differences were increasing and our relationship was improving. People have asked me how I can be so sure the change is in the dog and not myself. I tell them that's not relevant; but if you know your dog, you can feel the energy shift. Our relationship has improved so much in so many ways. There is actual communication between us now, and Gypsy has lowered her expectations of herself, making her life more relaxed and easy. I just keep hoping that continuing to expose her to new people and situations will continue to increase her confidence and feeling safe in her new world. Overall, though, things have been so much better since we saw you. Thank you again. And again :-)"

– Julia K. Waldport, OR

"Michelle and I met at an event, which I think was divinely arranged with the help of my cat, Flower. Michelle’s communication with Flower addressed all my questions to a degree that was much more than I had expected. It was helpful in understanding how my cat thinks and feels, as well as how she helps me in my daily life and my work. I enjoyed the clarity, precision, and professionalism of Michelle’s work, and I actually have already recommended her services to others! I absolutely loved the session with Michelle. I will definitely consult her again for a future reading!"

– Dagmar L. Portland, OR

From my Yelp page:

"Michelle was referred to us by a couple of friends. Our Australian Shepherd puppy was getting into his 6 month old "terrible 2s" stage where he was pushing boundaries and selectively listening and we didn't know what to change in our behavior to communicate with him effectively.

After meeting with Michelle we felt like we had a whole new bag of tricks to play with and a clearer understanding of who Osa (our dog) was as a personality. Fast forward 2 weeks and things are very different in our relationship with Osa and all for the better.

I can't pinpoint exactly what effected the transformation but what I do know is that Michelle was a part of it.


– Eric T. Portland, OR

"I was interested in animal communicators and wanted to see how Michelle worked, so I asked her to come out and talk to my ten horses. I was impressed how well Michelle would ask my questions and how persistent she was with getting an answer, even when one of my horses was hesitant. I think it was helpful to know which horses wanted to live together and how I could help them be even happier then they are right now. It was also encouraging to hear how they felt about me, our training together, and what they wanted out of life.  It was a relief that they were so down to earth—there wasn’t anything they asked for that I felt was unreasonable or something I couldn’t do anything about.  I’m really grateful to them for being so positive. My favorite part of the experience was how the horses would line up to take their turns talking to Michelle. Their eyes bright, heads wagging, they each seemed to really enjoy the experience in their own unique ways. I was super impressed."

– Silvia T. Hillsboro, OR

"Michelle, I thoroughly enjoyed the [animal communication] experience. Much of what you told me validated what I was feeling, so that was awesome. By the way, I have already listened to the recording several times. It makes me feel more and more connected to my horse. Thank you for sharing your gift."

– Ro B. Hillsboro, OR

From my Yelp page:

"I highly recommend Joy of Energy and all it has to offer. Michelle is an amazing soul who is absolutely wonderful at quieting her mind and connecting with Source. Both my fur babies and I received Reiki Healing work with Michelle. Michelle makes you feel completely comfortable and whole. Michelle helped my fur babies and myself tremendously! Due to all the amazing work Joy of Energy gave I am on a wonderful journey/path to healing, along with my fur babies. Thank YOU Michelle for allowing all the beautiful energy & unconditional love flow through you to my babies and I!
Blessings :D"

"Thank you, Michelle. I have been thinking a lot about what Dante said to you. I always appreciate hearing what he is thinking so that I can consider what he needs for himself and in my relationship with him.

I am struck with how Dante immediately told you that he is carrying a heavy load right now. In our first session together Dante's attitude and thoughts were much different, and for good reason. He has been ill and is working hard. I didn't say anything about how Dante was, and he communicated to you right away what was going on. That made a believer out of me. The complexity of Dante's thoughts is so touching and I'm thrilled I can respond to what he wants."

– Ann G. Corvallis, OR

From my Yelp page:

"Michelle was referred to me by a close friend who had done a communication with her dog and Michelle. Michelle was great!  She was was able to communicate with James, my orange tabby cat. She suggested giving James more space and already in three days, he has mellowed out. I am about to change his food and am excited to see how he likes it based on her feedback. I would definitely talk with her again should I get another animal!"

– Nancy T. Denver, CO

"Michelle, Molly has been doing very well this past week. She's listening better and communicating her needs in a much more calm and respectful manner. We, especially our other dog Lucy, are thrilled with the improvement and progress. Thanks again for your help, and with giving me specific words to use when talking to her. I can communicate exactly what I want to say clearly so she understands."

– Darlene S. Portland, OR

"Muchas muchas gracias Michelle! Te agradezco mucho todo lo que has hecho por mis hijos animales. Estoy muy agradecida y feliz. La verdad estoy super impresionada de como puedes comunicarte con los animales. Te cuento que mis hijos gatunos han estado mucho menos peleoneros desde ayer. El cerdito ha estado muy muy tranquilo y cooperador. Sé que eres una gran consejera de animales."

– Maria P. Puerto Rico

"Michelle, I want to tell you that Luke is a totally different horse now.  He is calm and relaxed when we ride him. Your Reiki work was amazing!  I would love for you to come out for some more Reiki for Luke.  It has helped him so much. Thank you."

– Anke B. Hillsboro, OR

"Jim and I absolutely loved our time with you when you came out to give Reiki to Splash. She is moving forward with her recovery, hurrah!!!  Jim noticed that her front hoofs have cooled down to match the temperature of her back hoofs.  He can now bring her out of her stall and walk her just inside the barn and a bit on the grass outside. Jim really listened to what you (Splash) had to say about her condition! We would love to have you come back out again, Michelle." 

– Darlene A. Newberg, OR

"Michelle, having you over to counsel with us was a delight.  I can really sense that a shift has happened and Cally hasn't had any more 'kitty accidents'.  I am doing my job as outlined and she is keeping her end of the bargain.  Don't tell my husband I said this, but even he seems to have undergone a shift and has a better attitude towards Cally.  I thank you so much and would highly recommend you to anyone needing to understand their animals better. It has been a lot of fun telling others about our pet whisperer. Thanks again."

– Teresa B. Fairview, OR

"Michelle, thank you so much for all the amazing work yesterday. I feel much more solid in my connection with Petrah. We now include her in the communication of our individual schedules, how it applies to her, and what we expect from her. Much, much better. She must have listened yesterday, which I am happy/thrilled/ecstatic/overjoyed/over the moon to report. Awesome, in so many ways! Thank you for the suggestions."

– Judy B. Portland, OR

"Even if you're skeptical, give it a shot! After just one thirty minute session, both of my cats stopped peeing outside of their litter box. What a huge relief. Thank you, Michelle!"

– Aziz G. Portland, OR

"Thank you, Michelle, for putting your hands on my horse. I know the Reiki has helped her greatly."

– Jim A. Newberg, OR

"I contacted Michelle because I wanted to create a more harmonious household for my family. I think our session helped me and my cats understand each other a little better. It was neat to get confirmation of what I have already experienced with them. And it always warms my heart when I know that my cats like someone new!"

– Jessica M. Portland, OR

"We have three cats in my family, and we were wondering what’s best for them. After Michelle spoke with them we got to know our cats better, and now we feel better informed making decisions that affect them. It was fun to realize just how smart they are! Caitlin seems to think she can run my life better than I can, and Daphne is very devoted to her own needs being met. The whole experience was friendly."

– Sarah L. Portland, OR

"Michelle was able to communicate with my two dogs, Sammy and Mae. It was really great to hear what they thought about my family and how much they appreciate us. I especially appreciated Sammy saying that all of us needed to act more like him: relax in the sun and take naps; don't work too hard. I was away at college at the time so it was nice to hear they were still thinking about me. I agreed with a lot of the answers they gave and it helped me better understand their unique personalities. Thanks so much Michelle!"

– Kyra J. Minneapolis, MN

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