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 Monthly Master Class with Michelle Hawk Shaman Portland OR

Monthly Master Class

Tuesday, March 20. Archetypes for Personal Transformation

3-4:30pm PST. FREE! Register here to reserve your space.

Do you wish to actualize transformation in your life? You would do well to work with the Archetypes. Each of us has our own unique composition of Archetypal energies and influences. When we consciously identify and work with our archetypes, we may understand our personal energy and psyche more fully... and in doing so, empower ourselves to make conscious changes in our lives and ways of being.

What are the Archetypes? Why are they important for personal transformation?

In this class, you're learn:

  • How can we use archetypes to evolve personally and collectively
  • The indenties of the core "Changemaker" archetypes
  • How to align yourself with these and other powerhouse archetypes to call in change
  • How we are bringing a new vision to the "magic" archetypes (Shaman, Healer, Sage, Witch, Mystic, Oracle, Priest/ess, Alchemist, Metaphysician, Psychic, etc) to create global and societal change and healing

Join me for a Master Class as we delve into the philosophy of Archetypes, their role in the context of personal transformation, and ways that you can begin to work with your own archetypes for personal evolution!

Eleven attendees on the live call will receive a FREE gift from me!

Come prepared with a journal and questions! There may be some opportunities for individual coaching.

Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation email with login information for the class. I look forward to seeing you there!