I AM Lightworker

The 4-day LIVE healership training that will help you become a fully empowered Healer.

October 10 - 13, 2019 in Banks, OR

You know that you are here to activate your Inner Healer and offer your gifts to the world.

You want to fully trust yourself as a healer and feel confident in your abilities.

You are ready to become the fully empowered Healer that you were born to be.

Activate Your Inner Healer

Become the Fully Empowered Healer that you were born to be.

Michelle Hawk Healer Lightworker Training Mentor Shaman Alchemist Portland

You know that you are here to be a Healer. You feel the call to step up as a Lightworker to be of service for the healing and evolution of Earth. You’re an empath, a creative, a nurturer, and a lover of nature. You’ve been moving through your Spiritual Awakening and starting to remember who you are.

But you know that there’s more. You know that you were born to be a fully empowered Healer: a Lightworker capable of offering powerful love, transformation and compassion to the world around you. You deeply want to trust yourself as a healer, and feel confident in offering your work.

You deserve the training and support that you need in order to become the fully empowered Healer that you are here to be.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. Believe me, I get it! When I started studying and practicing Shamanism in 2003, I was so hungry for more wisdom and practices that could help me understand what I already intuitively knew. When I received my first Reiki training in 2006, I felt like I was receiving more tools to activate my own, Inner Healer. It took me many years of training and support from teachers, but I was finally able to step into my role as a fully empowered Lightworker and trust myself as a Healer.

Now, after more than 15 years of study and practice in multiple healing lineages, I have trained and supported thousands of Lightworkers as they activate their healing abilities and become the fully empowered healers they were born to be.

Dear healer are you ready to become the fully empowered lightworker you were born to be training spiritual mentor portland

In I AM Lightworker Healership Training, you will:

  • Receive powerful training in healing tools and techniques based in Alchemical, Shamanic and advanced healing principles.

  • Learn how to offer healing work to yourself and others through the paths of Body, Spirit and Soul.

  • Become a fully empowered healer capable of moving energy on all levels to align with harmonious healing.

  • Fully activate and come into expression of your own Inner Healer and journey to discover your innate gifts.

  • Connect with other Healers and Lightworkers to build your spiritual community.

  • Receive powerful training and support from Master Healer Michelle Hawk and other guest teachers.

Michelle Hawk Healer Teacher Mentor Shaman Portland Lightworker Training
Michelle holds beautiful space for healing and transformation. I appreciate the incredible amount of knowledge and value that she shares. Her teaching style empowered me to easily understand and integrate the information into my life. I have been given the ability to shine my light in ways I could’ve never imagined. I am more confident because I know who I am as a Healer and Lightworker.
— Tiffany Marlink, Coach and Healer

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to become the fully empowered Healer you were born to be.

  • You are called to live a fully expressed life of service as a healer and lightworker who works for the benefit of All Beings.

  • You already have basic awareness of energy, and your own personal energy field.

  • You are ready to learn powerful healing tools and techniques with which you can heal yourself and others.

  • You are ready to fully trust yourself as a healer and feel confident in your abilities.

How to Register

Just a few easy steps to complete your registration for I AM Lightworker Healer training:

  1. Submit your application by clicking the big pink button.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Submit your payment.

  4. Mark your calendar!

I AM Lightworker Healership Training includes…

  • Four full days of LIVE, in-person healership training in a beautiful natural setting near Portland

  • Powerful tools and wisdom based in Alchemical, Shamanic and advanced healing principles

  • An intimate group of fellow healers to grow your community

  • Special guest teachers and facilitators to guide your journey

  • Nourishing, healthy lunch and snacks every day, prepared by retreat chef Ruthanne Adams

  • Forested retreat center setting just 30 minutes outside of Portland

Not included: lodging during training, transportation to and from Heaven and Earth Retreats. (If you are traveling to the training from out of town, you may arrange private lodging at the retreat center for an additional fee. Limited to 3 people. Meals not included.)

Michelle Hawk Master Healer Teacher Alchemist Shaman Portland
Michelle, I am blessed to have you to witness/encourage this transformation phase in my life. And you are the catalyst!
There is no one else in my life right now (family or friends) who has the ability to understand, appreciate, and validate this for me.
It is a joy to be motivated and supported by you and the other members of this course.
— Jzonay Reitz, Author and Lightworker


Early Bird (before September 1):

Pay in full: one payment of $997

OR Three payments of $367

Regular Registration (after September 1):

Pay in full: one payment of $1197

OR Three payments of $437

I AM Lightworker Training Schedule

I AM Lightworker training runs Thursday, October 10 through Sunday, October 13. Here is a snapshot of the curriculum:

Day 1: Body

October 10: 9am - 5pm, lunch included

  • Earth Magic

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Cosmic Keys of the Universe

  • Shamanic Embodiment

  • Corporeal Intelligence and Discernment

  • Clearing, grounding, centering and protecting your energy

Day 2: Spirit

October 11: 10am - 5pm, lunch included

  • Emotional Alchemy

  • Empowered Empathy

  • Consciousness

  • Cultivating Your Intuition

  • Your Sacred Path

Day 3: Soul

October 12: Optional morning session at 8:30, breakfast snacks included.

Training 10 am - 5pm, lunch included

  • Your Higher Self

  • Soul Contracts and Agreements

  • Soul Codes and Energy Signatures

  • Past Lives and Karma

  • Soul Retrieval

Day 4: Activation

October 13: 10am - 5pm, lunch included.

Optional social hour 5 - 6pm, snacks included

  • Practice healing principles and techniques

  • Place training into the context of your own practice

  • Lightworker Activation Journey and Commitments to Healership

  • Integrate with a restful group healing experience

I am so grateful that you challenged me to step forward - even when it was scary - and take ownership of my stuff / grit / power / vision. It has been such a moving and transformational experience working with you and learning from you.
— Drea Lett, BodyMind Medicine Specialist