I AM Medicine

Guidance, Mentorship and Healing that will help you Express Your Original Medicine.

You desire to activate your personal magic.

you want to understand and integrate your intuitive gifts.

You are ready to trust yourself as a practitioner and Express your original medicine.

Express Your Original Medicine

Go from feeling unsure and alone to being fully Activated, Integrated and Expressed.


Who is I AM Medicine for?

Healer Practitioner Shaman Reiki Master Alchemist Energy Worker

You are a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, healer, yoga teacher, bodyworker, acupuncturist, naturopath.

Coach Catalyst Facilitator Therapist Practitioner Training Mentor

You are a coach, therapist, mentor, facilitator, visionary entrepreneur, Spirit-aligned business owner.

Magic Practitioner Training Mentor Empath Lightworker

You are an empath, heart-centered human, Lightworker, creator, possibilitarian, artist, magic maker.

Healers, Catalysts & Magic People: YOU are what’s missing from your Sacred Work.

You’ve already come into your Spiritual Awakening. You have some sort of personal practice, and perhaps you’ve had some training in a healing modality such as Reiki, energy work, Shamanism or Chinese or Naturopathic medicine. Maybe you’re offering your work in the world as a Spiritual practitioner or professional.

But maybe you feel as though there’s something missing from your practice. Maybe you feel like you still don’t fully trust or understand your own, personal magic and intuitive gifts. Maybe you want to bring your full self to the table and express your Original Medicine as part of your Sacred Work in the world. Perhaps you want some guidance and support to fully, unapologetically embody your Medicine.

Michelle is someone who lives into the silhouette of her soul in a way that is unapologetic to the collective voices around her.
— Toni Reynolds, Minister

What would be possible if you lived unapologetically into the silhouette of your Soul and expressed your Original Medicine?

Michelle Hawk Shaman Spiritual Mentor Portland
Deer Seeker, the world needs you to express your original medicine spiritual mentorship portland michelle hawk shaman
Michelle Hawk Shaman Reiki Master Code Activation

What is Original Medicine?

We are all our own Medicine, to ourselves and to the world. The core essence of our Be-ing--our I AM--the innate, original frequency of our vibration is exactly the thing that we most need (and the only thing we need) to be whole. Many Spiritual trainings and mystery schools are more interested in passing along their teachings than in helping you be who you are.

Your Original Medicine is the thing that’s missing from your Sacred Work.

Your Original Medicine is the purest, most authentic expression of your core essence--your I AM.

Activate Your Personal Magic.

Integrate Your Intuitive Gifts.

Express Your Original Medicine.

Through our I AM Medicine work, you will:

  • Come into full, embodied remembrance of who you are and how you are here to serve.

  • Shepherd yourself through cycles of initiation and transformation to reclaim and fully live your Original Medicine.

  • Receive a profound shift in your energetic structure and signatures, as well as upgrades to your physical systems and current embodiment.

  • Dramatically uplevel your current practice to greater degrees of effectiveness, efficiency and alignment.

  • Increase your intuitive and psychic abilities, your awareness of subtle frequencies and your ability to to fine-tune your vibration.

  • Fully rewrite and release any blockages and interferences inhibiting the full expression of your Original Medicine.

Michelle Hawk Testimonial Shaman Spiritual Mentorship Portland
In the eight months I worked with Michelle, my lived experience has completely shifted for the positive. Michelle’s vision was pivotal in assisting my overcoming outdated and lingering traumas. She supported me in removing the broken armour, revisioning my personal independence and reclaiming my vitality. She was my collaborator, my mirror and my teacher. Michelle stood on equal footing with me and called me up to move through grief and become more of myself with every step. I am deeply soul-level grateful for her in my life.
— Drea Lett, BodyMind Medicine Specialist

This is for you if:

  • You are called to live a fully expressed life of purpose and self-actualization.

  • You are a healer, seeker or Spiritual practitioner, and you’re ready for YOU and your personal magic to be fully present in your work.

  • You are ready to fully integrate your intuitive gifts and trust yourself as a Spirit-led Seeker.

  • You know that you have powerful Medicine to offer, but aren't exactly sure how to ground it in and express it.

  • You want to increase your intuitive awareness, healing or energy skills, subtle perception and alignment with Source.

  • You know that you are a part of a global shift in consciousness and are ready to claim your role as the co-creator of a new paradigm.

  • You are ready to be a way-shower for others to ground in and create a new way of being on the planet.

Begin Your Spiritual Mentorship Journey

Here’s how to get started working with Michelle:

  1. Submit your application by clicking the big pink button.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Put your first session on the calendar!

Your Spiritual Mentorship work with Michelle includes:

I AM Medicine Sessions

Just you, me and Spirit, for 60 minutes. This is where we dive deep into YOU: your authentic Self, your journey, your purpose and the way you are here to live your Medicine. We'll be meeting over the phone or Zoom. (If you’re in Portland and want to meet in person, see FAQ.)

Spiritual Mentorship for Your Path

In our work together, you are receiving the benefit of my Medicine. My job is to show up and support you in whatever way you need, drawing from all my knowledge and experience. My Medicine includes intuitive mentorship, energy healing work, Shamanic journey and healing, Alchemical practice and philosophy, ritual creation and design, movement and embodiment practices, Soul Code activation, guided meditation and journaling practice.

Free and Discounted Attendance to Special Events, Workshops and Trainings

You are invited to attend special events as my guest! Monthly Lunar Alchemy circles, certain workshops and client-only invitations are open to you to attend for free—all you need to do is let me know you’re coming. Also receive discounted admission to I AM Lightworker: a four-day LIVE training for Lightworkers, October 10-13, 2019.


My intensive, one-on-one Spiritual mentorship work is very important to me, and I want to be accessible to those people who are ready to reconnect with their Original Medicine. I used to charge $1800 per month for someone to be my client. That price point no longer feels in alignment to me, as I sit with my own Original Medicine and how I AM here to serve. The more I find myself in my own center of Self, the more I know that it is absolutely vital that we all be able to receive support in remembering and reclaiming who we truly are. For anyone who is ready to do that, I want my work to be available and affordable to you.


The scheduling and direction of your sessions is up to you! I offer you complete autonomy in choosing the focus of our work (of course I will guide and co-create with you). You will also have complete autonomy in keeping track of and getting your sessions on the calendar. If you don't schedule your sessions within the month, they expire (unless we prearrange a different schedule).


Your I AM Medicine Mentorship Details

Two sessions per month

$499/month x6 months

$200 off your admission to I AM Lightworker (October 10-13, 2019)

Begin your I AM Medicine journey by filling out and submitting your application.



How does payment work?

Upon acceptance into I AM Medicine, you will receive a payment form. You will be immediately billed for the first of six payments. The remaining five payments will deduct automatically every month. You are responsible for completing all remaining payments.

What is I AM Lightworker? Is this training included?

I AM Lightworker is a 4-day LIVE healership training course (Oct 10-13, 2019) for healers, practitioners, coaches and visionary changemakers. As a mentorship client, you receive $200 off the price of the training.

How will I know if I'm accepted?

I personally review every application. If it feels like we're a great fit to work together, I will send you a welcome email within three days that contains further details and instructions on how to pay your deposit. You will have three days to accept your spot before it is offered to another applicant.

>>Don't see your question? Send me a message!

How do I schedule my sessions?

Once you're enrolled, you'll receive a private booking link to schedule your sessions as you like. You are responsible for putting yourself on my calendar.

What if I can't get a time I want or I don't use all my sessions?

If there are absolutely no booking times that work for your schedule, please let me know and we can work it out. Sessions do not roll over from month to month, so please make sure to use them! Sessions that are unused by the end of the month expire, unless you arrange otherwise with me at least two weeks in advance.

What if I am in Portland and want to come see you in person?

If you are in Portland and would like to come meet with me in person for your sessions, I have a limited number of spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please discuss this option with me and we will schedule you accordingly.


Begin Your Spiritual Mentorship Journey

Here’s how to get started working with Michelle:

  1. Submit your application by clicking the big pink button.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Put your first session on the calendar!

Client Love

Here are some of the great things that prior clients have to share about working with me.


"I am beyond thrilled to be participating in Michelle Hawk's intensive transformation program. As a healer and guide, I often don't get enough energy work or support myself with the magical community that I have access to even when I know I need it. This seems to be a common thread for many in my field. I am so happy to have committed to this deep dive with Michelle as she is truly an incredible practitioner.

Michelle's work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers which have only recently come through their awakening to their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen. She brings a lot of tools to the table. More than I can even express here.

She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best. She is fully in control of her channel. She has brought through guides, Angels, Ascended masters, lost aspects of self and other beings as needed. She is clear with them and not afraid to interact with beings that might seem negative to get a hold on their wisdom and why they are there. In this, I felt completely held, safe and connected.

In session she weaves through the Shamanic and energetic realms while bringing forth soul songs and profound messages. It is so much fun to find a sister that works both a lot like me and in totally different ways as well.

In this program, she has given me so many questions to go over to really dive into my life, what I am noticing, experiencing, ready to let go of and wanting to call into my being. I really am excited to see where I am at the end because I can already feel huge shifts occurring."

– Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA


"Michelle, I would love to take a moment to let you know how this work has impacted my life in such a deep way. I am so grateful to experience your gifts, and let you know personally that much is shifting in my life. I am feeling all of the deepest intentions we held together at the beginning of this process were given a space to be planted. I will be thrilled as the unfolding of what is meant to be birthed comes forward."

– Jennifer Alyse, Visionary Entrepreneur and founder of the Empowered Event. Portland, OR

Jennifer Alyse.jpg


"It has been a complete honor to journey with you. My overall experience was blissful. I experienced such Grace, and an opening of peace within myself I have never felt before. The greatest shift that has been present for me is a deep, grounded trust in the Universe. I feel so supported and guided.

I feel you have a tremendous gift in how you approach the individual sessions. In fact, I found them to be so powerful that I had to clear out my schedule for the rest of the day. I noticed tremendous shifts each week. I feel that I am still integrating the work that was done.

I feel that helping people tune into the potent rhythm of the Universal Cycle of Power and how it correlates to intentions is powerful. Imagine if each person knew within themselves they had the power to co-create their reality and be in alignment with the cosmos... It is revolutionary work you are offering, and I am so humbly grateful to have been a part. In fact, it went by so quickly that I would love to experience it again."

– Melinda Essig, Visionary Artist. Portland, OR

"I have been sharing your incredible offerings with quite a few women in the past couple of days. I can feel the potency of your vision so strongly, and I am appreciating the intention you are bringing to this program. I am so honored and grateful for this journey, and I am in awe and such humble gratitude for our experience. I deeply felt our first session and have been highly sensitive to my surroundings the past two days. In fact, after our latest session, I had to lie down and sleep. It is such an honor, and I am so grateful to experience this with you."

– P. J. Portland, OR

"THANK YOU for taking me through such an incredible experience!! It's been such a powerful move. I'm feeling lighter already :). I feel as though I've taken a big step on the path toward working on my big picture goals (that I'll probably be working on for my entire life)."

– M. O. Portland, OR