Illuminated Healer™

Shaman, Illuminated Master Healer™ Michelle Hawk teaches classes with her mother, Rosemary Levesque, in Portland, OR.

In addition to our traditional Usui Reiki classes, we offer a complementary program focused on helping you expand your practice with intuitively channeled practices, symbols and Shamanic energies. This program connects you with the principles of Universal Shamanism and offers ample opportunities for you to learn, explore different traditions of healing, ground your work in Earth energies and expand your practice. Your journey with us includes private and small group instruction, Spiritual retreats and experiences, complete program materials and exclusive mentoring.

Shaman, Illumination Reiki Master Michelle Hawk offers Classes in Portland, OR

Eligibility for Illuminated Healer™ Class Series

Each Illuminated Healer™ class series requires a certain level of Usui Reiki certification. The classes all build on each other, so they must be taken in order. Please see individual class series descriptions for prerequisite information.

The Usui Reiki classes may be taken independently of the Illuminated Healer™ program.

How do I take the Illuminated Healer™ Program?

You may easily integrate the Illuminated Healer™ Program into your training, either concurrently with your Usui Reiki studies or after your Usui Reiki studies. For example, you might take Usui Reiki I and II Classes, then supplement that learning with Illuminated Healer™ Class Series I. Then you will feel fully prepared to take Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master Class, followed by Illuminated Healer™ Class Series II, and so on. Alternatively, you may pursue the Reiki Integrative Training track as far as you like (Reiki I, II, Master and Karuna Reiki®) and then follow up with the Illuminated Healer™ Program.

What certification will I receive?

You will be certified for Illuminated Healer™ (Practitioner level I, II, III and Illuminated Master Healer™) upon completion of each class series.

Even though the Illuminated Healer™ Program includes a strong component of Shamanic practices, you will not be certified as a Shaman. It is impossible to certify anyone as a Shaman (even though there are some organizations and schools that claim to do so). Being a Shaman is a life calling, and how could we certify you for that? You will, however, receive training in Shamanic energies and traditions which you may choose to incorporate into your personal and/or professional practices. You will find that integrating Shamanism with your Illumination Reiki™ practice is a natural, comfortable fit.

Illuminated Healer™ Curriculum

View the Calendar to see dates of upcoming classes in Portland, OR.

Illuminated Healer™ Class Series I: Illuminated Self

This set of classes (3 1/2 days) focuses on your Illuminated Self and your personal energy: who you are as an Divine Embodied Being on Earth. We include exercises designed to help you build a foundation of knowledge and comfort with Earth and physical energies. The classes must be taken in order.

  1. Illuminated Earth

  2. Embodiment

  3. Breath, Rhythm and Harmony

  4. Soul Star Journey

  5. Claiming Your Medicine

  6. Sacred Ceremony and Celebration

Reiki I and II Certification is required for Illuminated Healer™ Series I.

Illuminated Healer™ Class Series II: Illuminated Spirit

This set of classes emphasizes connection with Spirit. Building on the foundation of your knowledge from the first series, as well as your Reiki I, II and Master classes, you will expand your practice and establish relationships with Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Shamanic tools. Some of the topics covered in the three courses are:

  • Spirit Language

  • Metaphors and Symbolism

  • Active Meditation

  • Journeying

  • Mandalas

  • Shapeshifting

  • Sound Healing

Reiki Master certification is required for Illuminated Healer™ Class Series II.

Illuminated Healer™ Class Series III: Illuminated Community

This set of classes focuses on community and collective-level healing, as well as healing on the deepest level. We introduce techniques, practices, skills and knowledge for the advanced practitioner. Topics include:

  • Working with Archetypes

  • Akashic Records

  • Working with the Darkness and Light

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Healing the Collective Consciousness

  • And much more.

Karuna Reiki® Master certification is required for Illuminated Healer™ Class Series III.

Illuminated Master Healer™ Class Series: Illuminated Healer

Class series coming soon!

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