The Lightworker Project

30 Transformational Conversations. 40 Days. January 21 - March 1.

The Giveaway project for Lightworkers who are ready to claim their Mastery.

What if I told you that you already have everything you need? That you already hold all the knowledge and wisdom you seek? That you are whole, healed, illuminated and complete? That you are capable of living and actualizing your greatest, most sacred dream? That you are, and will always be, enough?

All you need to do is remember who you are and walk your Lightworker Path.

In early 2018, I experienced one such remembering: I realigned with my Original Medicine and reconnected with my Self Mastery in a way that I hadn’t even realized was missing.

Have you forgotten part of who you are? For most of us, coming to Earth to live in a human body necessitates a forgetting, and a loss of connection with our truest essence. Through the traumas of birth, societal conditioning and participating in the human experience, we lose touch with that pure, fierce light that is our core nature. We feel separate from ourselves and separate from the people around us. We feel that there must be something more, but we're not sure what it is.

And so, we seek.

We live in a world that teaches us to look outside ourselves for answers… the internet, social media, courses, mentors, self-help books, retreats, psychics, other people’s guidance… we are inundated with information from all sides that can leave us feeling more disconnected, ungrounded and lost than before.

The big, important questions that we ask can get lost in the flood of information. Questions like the ones I ask myself. Questions like the ones my clients are asking. Questions like the ones you are asking:

Who am I?

What am I here to do?

How will I know I’m on the right path?

The Lightworker Project was born from these questions.

Throughout a lifetime of study, practice and investigation, even though I’ve had many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way, my best and most important lessons came from within. The most powerful and revelatory mentorship I ever received was the kind that gave me the tools to guide myself toward my inner knowing… that helped me remember who I am and fully embody the Self-Mastery needed to serve my Lightworker Path.

I want you to have that, too.

Introducing The Lightworker Project

This offering was born out of a radical shift. When I experienced that profound realignment back into myself, I reconnected with my Lightworker Path in a way that made me realize how far I had been away from my own Self. And while that piece was out of place, my big, sacred inquiries had been replaced with doubts...

Do I really know what I'm doing?

What if I can't do this?

Does this even matter? Am I making a difference?

Yes. I had forgotten a little bit of who I am. This still happens to me... it happens to all of us. 

But the good news is, we always get to come back to ourselves and remember who we are. There is always a path that will lead you back to the core essence of your being--that light that shines more brightly than you could ever imagine. The innate magic that, once you feel it, clicks everything back into place. From this place, you can:

Trust yourself more than you ever imagined, even when it's hard.

Believe that your sacred vision is possible, even if you're not sure how.

Live in the embodied truth that you are worthy, you are enough, and you have everything you need.

Walk your Lightworker Path and offer your innate wisdom as your highest service to the world.

Enter The Lightworker Project

The Lightworker Project is my deep heart offering to my fellow practitioners and visionaries. Over the course of 40 days, I will gift 30 transformational conversations to 30 magical people. People who are changemakers, visionary healers, and leaders who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In other words, people like you and me. I chose to offer the Lightworker Project based on my lifelong journey on the path of Self-Mastery and coming into full remembering of my empowered service. Over the years, I have witnessed time and time again how the greatest Alchemy we can offer to ourselves and to the world comes from nothing less than us living and fully expressing our innate gifts and wisdom. If this resonates with you, keep reading.

The Lightworker Project is not:

...problem solving. How often do we try to "figure it out" and think ourselves into an exhausting loop? Your big questions are not a problem to be solved. They are sacred inquiries that will guide you in a lifelong exploration of Self-Mastery and your role on this planet. Let's treat your questions as such and gently unearth what wisdom your Lightworker Path already has to share.

...more information. During this session, I'm not going to "tell" you anything. My role in this context is to guide you to have a conversation with yourself and connect with a deeper Truth than you ever thought possible. You already have everything you need. You already know everything you need to know. I am just helping you remember.

...a magic fix. Honestly, nothing is. The process of self-discovery and actualization doesn't ever really end or have an "arrival point." Like the proverbial bird moving a mountain one grain of sand at a time, this session is a step on your sacred journey. Let's move a grain of sand together.

The Lightworker Project is: opportunity for you to be radically present with your whole Self. Everything is welcome in this container--your stories, fears, emotions, dreams, questions and possibilities. You might meet a part of yourself that you didn't know was there. Only when we can be present with the whole can we realize that we are whole.

...time to excavate why you are here and what you are meant to bring to the planet. You have a big, sacred purpose that you are here to live and embody. Have you let yourself live truly "on purpose?" Let's dig into your Soul purpose and Lightworker Path.

...a time to share the deepest, most tender dream of your heart. You probably have a vision for yourself and the world. Have you shared it with anyone? Have you ever spoken it aloud? Or have you let it out into the world, but are afraid to take action in case it doesn't work out? Let's give your sacred dreams the airtime they deserve and practice feeling what it's like to own your dreams.

...a chance to practice tuning in to your own guidance and wisdom. You already know the answers. There's nothing I or anyone else can offer you that you don't already know. Let yourself receive from your own wisdom. I'll help you ask the right questions.

...time to trust yourself. Fully. Period. opportunity to get out of your own way and allow yourself to go after what you want. Whatever you want, want it with all your heart. How much can you let yourself not only want, but actually go after and have your biggest desires?

...a time to take inspired action on your big, sacred vision. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to bring a big project or vision to life. I'll help you get clear on aligned, inspired action that will support the creative process.

The Lightworker Project: What to Expect

  1. There are 30 spots, offered first-come, first-serve. This is my gift to you. There are no reschedules and there is no wait list. If you hesitate, this is not for you.

  2. This project runs January 21 - March 1.

  3. Each conversation is 60 minutes long and is recorded. You can listen to your transformational conversation anytime you like.

  4. This session is an invitation. I will hold space for you to challenge yourself, to ask yourself difficult questions and to allow whatever needs to arise come to the surface. Emotions, fears, triggers, beliefs, edges—it’s all welcome in this container.

  5. I am committed to showing up fully for whatever you need during this time. I ask that you commit to the same. I’m all in… are you?

  6. You will come away from this call with three specific things:

  • Clarity about your Lightworker Path (who you are and how you’re here to serve from a place of Self-Mastery)

  • What’s keeping you from fully living your Lightworker Path

  • The first step of inspired action for you to embody and express your Lightworker Path

How to be a part of the Lightworker Project:

  1. Select your day and time here to get on the calendar.

  2. Check your email for the short questionnaire I send you. Please make sure to fill this out at least 24 hours before our session.

  3. Show up fully! You’ve got this.

In addition to these 30 conversations, I AM looking for and carefully inviting 7 people to join me in a year-long Master Alchemist training course experience. I AM looking for people whom I feel drawn to, whose purpose I find inspiring, and people who I know will do the work and show up fully. If you are one of these people who is ready to commit to yourself and live in a way that sets your soul on fire, let’s do this. I AM here to support you in the journey of your own magnificent unfolding of Self, Spirit and the thing that makes you come alive.