Podcast and Lunar Channeling

Michelle Hawk channels messages from Spirit, Animal Guides and Ancestors every New Moon and Full Moon.

 Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Channeling

Full Moon in Cancer: A Drop of Water

Michelle Hawk channels a prayer from Spirit. You are a drop of water in an infinite ocean. You are a unique facet of the cosmic Divine. You are a cell in the collective body of human consciousness. Tune in to the rhythm of your inner tides to access your connection to global energy and emotions.

New Moon in Capricorn: Truth Song Activation

Michelle Hawk channels healing songs for the activation of the Throat Chakra. Integrate this sound healing so that you may sing out your Truth for the good of Self and All That Is. Awaken the seeds of Truth that were planted during the last lunar cycle.

 Throat Chakra Activation New Moon Lunar Channeling
 Sacred Center of Truth and Wisdom

Full Moon in Gemini: Many Paths to Holy Oneness

Michelle Hawk channels guidance from Spirit about understanding the multiple facets of truth that reflect from Sacred Center. Allow the light of the Gemini Full Moon to help you trace the many paths of truth and discover that they all originate from the same source of infinite wisdom. Return to Unity Consciousness on the individual and planetary levels.

 Lunar Channeling New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius: The New Seeker

Spirit introduces the new archetype of The Seeker. Open the eye of your inner wisdom to explore the new frontier of Universal Truth and your own consciousness. Tune in to the waxing moon cycle and meditate with her growing illumination to integrate these energies over the next two weeks.


 Full Moon Supermoon in Taurus: The Melding of Magic and Matter

Full Moon (Supermoon) in Taurus: The Melding of Magic and Matter

Return to the wisdom of your body. Tune in to your DNA. Devote yourself to the practice of devotion. Ground into unity consciousness through your cells. "This is the next step in the path that you, collectively as a planet, have chosen for the evolution of your consciousness, and it starts with the body."

 Planting the seed of magic.

New Moon in Scorpio: Planting the Seed of Magic

Spirit offers messages regarding the deeply interconnected nature of magic, power and human sexual energy. Receive an exercise to plant your own seed of intention within you and call into being your own creative life force energy and magic. Meditate with these seeds and witness them in their growth and germination.

 ARIES by Aquasixio. From the Dancing Zodiac series.

Full Moon in Aries: Integrating Sovereignty

Spirit offers a transmission and guided exercise to call our energy back into ourselves during this Aries Full Moon. Practice these affirmations to claim your Sovereignty and offer service to All That Is through your devotion to Self. Integrate these teachings over the next two weeks of the Lunar cycle.

Image: ARIES by Aquasixio, from the Dancing Zodiac series.

 Flicker is the Animal Totem and Guide of today's Channeling New Moon in Libra.

New Moon in Libra: Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Flicker presented itself as the animal totem for today as we experience this Black Moon (the second New Moon of the month) in Libra. Flicker guides us to tune in to the rhythm of our heartbeat to attune to the frequencies of harmony and balance within ourselves and for all of humanity.

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