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Live Panel and Podcast with Shaman Sisters Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird

Welcome to Shaman Sister Sessions!

We created this podcast to empower psychics, empaths, energy healers, Shamans and all those on the path of awakening. We offer a deep look into our personal and professional experiences as healers and Universal seekers, along with tools for navigating the expansion of human consciousness, cultivation of psychic and Shamanic gifts and living a fulfilled, uniquely expressed life of service.

Michelle and Katherine's visionary work inspires spiritual seekers and practitioners of all modalities to step fully into their roles as catalysts for social evolution and global change.

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Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 44: Dearly Departed: Special Day of the Dead Episode

(November 1, 2017)

The veil is especially thin this time of year. On Samhain and the Day of the Dead, voices and visions from the other side become clearer than ever. What does it mean to connect with those who have passed on? How can we honor the ancestors in a healthy way? What are some of the ways in which we may connect with the dead, and what can we expect from the other side?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 43: Queens and Kings: The Royal Archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

(October 17, 2017)

What does it mean to work with the Royals? How do these archetypes manifest in the modern context? What are the global implications for embodying our inner Queens and Kings? Join us for a special SNEAK PREVIEW of Michelle's keynote speech at The Superwoman Summit this Friday!


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 42: Embody the Practice featuring Andrew Marshall

(October 11, 2017)

We are so excited to welcome special guest Andrew Marshall of Embody the Practice! To "Embody the Practice" means we bring the lessons and benefits from our personal practices into our daily lives and weave them seamlessly into our way of being. A "Practice" can be anything done with intention... from a movement practice, to attending a spiritual gathering, to washing the dishes! Join us for a discussion on the nature of embodiment, different embodiment and personal practices and ways in which we can incorporate them with ease, grace and effortlessness into our lives.

Andrew Marshall is the visionary creator and facilitator behind Embody the Practice. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Sound Healer, and Yoga practitioner, he creates a safe and sacred container for people to experience self development and self realization through these modalities. Andrew supports his clients in developing personal practices that enhance their well-being, quality of life and relationships to Self, Spirit and the world around them. Learn more about Andrew and Embody the Practice here.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 41: Guidance & Mentorship

(October 3, 2017)

Throughout human history, knowledge, traditions and practices have historically been passed along from one person to another. An individual hoping to acquire a skill set or a craft would study with a master, receiving personal instruction. In the Age of Information, the way in which we learn has shifted to become faster, easier and more removed than ever before.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 40: Channeling: Processes, Safety and Implications

(September 26, 2017)

Channeling is a mysterious art which has brought us a wealth of information, technology and healing. Some people open their channels spontaneously, others through specific practices. People bring through spiritual and other knowledge from a multitude of sources and our lives can be greatly enriched by these transmissions.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 39: Ancestry: Intersections of Genes and Soul DNA

(September 12, 2017)

We are delighted to welcome special guest Toni Reynolds for a discussion on Ancestry! There are cultural cues, as well as Spiritual cues, that teach us about who we are and the role our lineages play in forming our identities.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 38: Animal Guides & Teachers

(September 5, 2017)

For thousands of years, humans from all cultures have drawn some of their most powerful medicine from Animal Guides. These totems enabled people to access the raw energy of nature and channel it into incredible feats of healing, transformation and magic. Join us for a discussion on working with these powerful allies!


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 37: Special Eclipse Episode featuring Astrologer Noa Lakshmi

(August 15, 2017)

We are delighted to welcome astrologer and author Noa Lakshmi as a special guest on this week's episode! Join us for a discussion on the energies of the approaching Solar Eclipse: Self-love, heart vibes and Leo Magic at its finest.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 36: Mastery

(August 12, 2017)

Mastery is the sometimes elusive or confusing goal of our focuses of study, dedication and practice. What does it mean to truly be a master, what are the steps to getting there and why should we care? How does mastery drive us, shame us, pull us forward and finally what happens when we reach mastery?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 35: Patterns of Addiction

(July 25, 2017)

One of the huge themes around this New Moon involved releasing patterns of addiction. What are they, and how do they manifest? What are some typical addictive patterns for healers and lightworkers? What are ways of identifying and healing these patterns? What are the implications for humanity?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 34: Galactic Contact & Humanity's Next Big Leap featuring special guest Amateo Ra

(July 18, 2017)

We are delighted to feature special guest Amateo Ra on this week's episode of Shaman Sister Sessions! Amateo Ra is a Visionary Creator, Blogger & Biz Coach. He is the CEO and founder of Avant Terra LLC a coaching, production and experiential education company for the awakened and gifted super heroes and evolutionary entrepreneurs leading the transition. He is also the co-founder of Creator Course, an Online School for Conscious Living. He has been in devoted exttensive training with Global leaders in Spirituality, Channeling & Conscious Business. His passion lives in supporting others to develop their dreams.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 33: Freedom and Foundation

(July 4, 2017)

Join us for a discussion on the current state of affairs: what are the societal implications of freedom and in/terdependence on global ascension and the healing of the collective?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 32: Integration

(June 27, 2017)

How do you integrate medicine ceremonies, healing sessions, energetic upgrades and awakening gifts? Michelle and Katherine share with you their experiences in navigating these processes and offer tools to help you integrate healing and energetic activations.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 31: Summer Solstice Ceremony

(June 20, 2017)

Join Michelle and Katherine as they hold ceremony for the Summer Solstice! This is the biggest, most expansive container of the year. Set your intentions for illumination and align with the big energies!


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 30: Lunar Cycles of Power

(June 13, 2017)

Michelle and Katherine continue the discussion of Cycles of Power and how to utilize them to bring more power, clarity and ease to your life and your work. This week we focus on the Lunar Cycles of Power (a fundamental component of Michelle's New Moon Rising program). The moon is our closest celestial neighbor and one that creates a strong energetic current with our planet, and its cycles of power affect us in a very real way. Join us as we help you navigate life in alignment to these rhythms to actualize shift and change and bring your intentions into manifestation.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 29: The Solar Returns and Cycles of Power

(June 7, 2017)

In this episode we are celebrating Michelle's 30th birthday! speaking about solar Cycles of Power. How can you use the cycles of power of the sun (yearly, daily and seasonally) so that your life runs more smoothly and intentionally and you have greater effect in your healing work.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 28: Festival Culture

(May 30, 2017)

Transformational festivals are often pivot points for many on the path. We share some of our life changing experiences, as well as some tools to get the most out of the experience and how to cope if you are a highly sensitive empath!


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 27: Structural Anomalies, Pain and Illness featuring Taylore Carre

(May 23, 2017)

Join us with special guest Taylore Carre! We will be discussing how the energy and emotional bodies effect our structure, creating physical manifestations, pain and illness. Taylore has been instructing and guiding people through the process of healing themselves for over 25 years. She brings a wide range of modalities and skills to her work and has helped people heal from things you haven't even heard of... "I studied and was honored to work side by side in client sessions with Taylore for several years and her skills of assessment and way of working is profound and inspirational. She has helped me heal on so many levels and it is such a pleasure to welcome one of my dearest friends and mentors onto the program!" - Katherine Bird


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 26: Healing the Archetypes

(May 16, 2017)

The healing and processing work that we do for ourselves ripples much farther out than we could ever imagine... how are we bringing a new vision to the archetypes of Shaman, Healer, Sage, Witch, Mystic, Oracle, Priest/Prisess, Alchemist, Metaphysician, Psychic and more?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 25: Shamanic Journey and Astral Travel

(May 9, 2017)

Shamanic Journey and Astral Travel: What is journey work? Why do we do it? what are the different techniques utilized? How do you stay safe? Join Katherine and Michelle for a powerful discussion the Shamanic Journey and best tips and practices for Astral Travel.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 24: Life of a Healer

(May 2, 2017)

What is the life of a healer really like? How did we get here? How do we manage our energy, our client load and all of the business aspects? This will be an informative and helpful episode if you are thinking of becoming a healer as a full time business or are already living this life. Are there areas that you struggle with? We would love to hear from you.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 23: Empowerment, featuring Jennifer Alyse

(April 25, 2017)

Michelle Hawk and Katherine bird are delighted to feature special guest Jennifer Alyse! Jennifer Alyse is a professional photographer and a speaker working throughout the country with leading female entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. Jennifer uses photography and public speaking as vehicles to promote personal, social, environmental and spiritual development. The master facilitator and visionary leader behind 2nd Annual EmPowerEd Event, Jennifer launched the event in May of 2016 as not only an environment for women to come together to explore different facets of Empowerment, but as a benefit for Girls Inc of the Pacific NW. EmPowerEd is a movement, a paradigm shift, where anything is possible. It’s finding the highest version of ourselves so that we may create a new way to think, to act, to lead, to create and model a new universe for our future generations.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 22: Sacred Space

(April 18, 2017)

Join us for a discussion on creating Sacred Space. What constitutes Sacred Space? How can holding sacred space in your personal and professional spheres impact your work and your life? Receive advise from the experts on curating your space to be in alignment with a healthy, high vibration.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 21: Sacred Community & Social Evolution, featuring Deshna Ubeda

(April 11, 2017)

Michelle and Katherine are joined by Deshna Ubeda, master facilitator and creator of Embrace Festival (May 4-6 in Portland, OR), for a discussion on building sacred community as a vehicle for social transformation. How can we support the development of Spiritual community?  Embrace Festival is a gathering designed to support global Tribe in exploring sacred Oneness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, eco-spirituality, social justice and the way of universal and personal transformation that honors the Divine in all.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 20: Rebalancing Divine Masculine and Feminine

(March 28, 2017)

What are the Masculine and Feminine archetypes, and what do they represent? How does embodying the full, healthy expression of our inner Masculine and Feminine support us on the individual and societal levels? Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird offer tools and advice to rebalance your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine to benefit your relationships, your work, your health and the way you live in the world as a whole and healed Being.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 19: Spring Equinox Ceremony: Replenish, Integrate and Renew

(March 21, 2017)

Celebrate the birth of Spring with Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird in Sacred Ceremony! Let us Replenish our energies, Integrate the work of Winter and Renew ourselves as we come into new growth in this beautiful season.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 18: The Awakening

(March 14, 2017)

More and more people are "waking up" every day. What does that mean? What are the personal and global implications for Awakening into a new vibration of higher consciousness? Join Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird as they discuss Spiritual Awakening and offer tools to work with these new energies.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 17: In the Light of Mediumship, feat. Kai Karrel

(March 7, 2017)

Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird welcome their medicine brother, Kai Karrel, as a special guest on this week's episode! Join in to explore Mediumship and all that it entails. What does it mean to channel different energies/entities, and how can we benefit from doing so? What are the global implications of working in service as a Medium? Enjoy stories and insights from three experts in the field and receive tips for your own practice with mediumship.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 16: Protection & Boundaries

(February 28, 2017)

What is energetic protection? How do we cultivate healthy boundaries? These are must-have tools for anyone, especially healers, psychics, empaths and highly sensitive people. Join Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird for a discussion on establishing healthy boundaries and learn important tools for energetic protection in today's world.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 15: Shamanic Relationship

(February 21, 2017)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird explore Shamanic Relationship! How do our relationships create opportunities for growth? What does it mean to explore deep, Spiritual connection in partnership? Tune in and receive some tools for cultivating powerful, Shamanic connections in your own life.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 14: Self Love and Devotion

(February 14, 2017)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss Self Love and Devotion in this special Valentine's Day episode. What does it mean to cultivate Self-Love? How does one practice Devotion? Why are these practices necessary for personal and societal well-being?


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 13: Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic Discernment

(February 7, 2017)

What does it mean to practice Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic Discernment? How can doing so support you in your personal and professional practices? Tune in for tools and stories from Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird about how to access your inner wisdom and powers of Discernment in order to step into even greater health and well-being on all levels.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 12: Living a Shamanic Life: From Ceremony to Action

(January 31, 2017)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird both experienced a powerful weekend of sacred ceremony. Tune in to hear how a Shaman applies the lessons from ritual to the macrocosm of humanity, especially in times of political and social upheaval.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 11: Sacred Ceremony for the Collective Consciousness

(January 24, 2017)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird hold Sacred Ceremony for the collective consciousness. Add your intentions to our group ritual for healing, clearing energies, releasing old karma, calling in high vibration frequencies, transmuting the darkness and ushering a new Earth plane consciousness. Michelle Hawk channels a message from Spirit collective about the nature of working with Pain.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 10: The Alchemy of Darkness

(January 17, 2017)

Even Warriors of the Light must work in the darkness. We as a society are entering a period during which the Darkness will make its presence known more than ever. If we have any hope of moving through these energies and bringing healing to the collective wounds of humanity, it will require that we learn to work with the Darkness in a healthy, grounded way. How can we work with Darkness as a force for social evolution and healing of the collective consciousness?


Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird offer a special Inauguration Episode of Shaman Sister Sessions, where they discuss working with the Darkness, what it means to be a Warrior of the Light and offer tools for navigating these times with grace.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 9: Purpose: Individual and Collective

(January 10, 2017)

What is our purpose, individually? How does this relate to the purpose of humanity as a whole? What is our own, personal role in the evolution of consciousness and social transformation? Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss Purpose of the individual and collective. Receive thoughts from the experts on understanding your life path and honoring all the facets of your unique being, and the alchemy that comes from uniting with others to work in service to collective purpose.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 8: New and ReNew

(January 3, 2017)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss the Cycles of Creation in this first episode of the New Year. How do we cultivate new energies in our lives? Learn tools and tips for grounding new manifestations into your life through resolve, devotion and understanding the Cycles of Power. Michelle also channels a psychic transmission about the Winds of Change and harnessing the cosmic breath of shift and transformation.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 7: Cycles of Completion

(December 27, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird offer tools and advice for creating closure. Are you ready to release old patterns, relationships and circumstances? Use these steps from the experts to separate yourself from old energies so you can move into the New Year with a clean slate.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 6: Receiving

(December 20, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss Receiving and share personal stories and advice. Set your intention for receiving in the context of the Winter Solstice and our natural rhythms of Yin and Yang. Hear thoughts from the experts on receiving and interacting with family over the holidays, receiving in relationship and receiving intuitive gifts and Spiritual connection.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 5: Intuition: Trust, Surrender and Action

(December 13, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine bird offer tools and techniques to access your intuition and ground it into action on the physical plane. Hone your awareness and trust the seed of inner knowing.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 4: Self-Care for Empaths

(December 6, 2016)

Self-Care for Empaths: Challenges, Self-Sabotage and Worthiness. Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss the importance of self-care for energetically sensitive and empathetic people. Hear stories and advice from the experts on how to overcome challenges, recognize your stagnant patterns, grow in your self-awareness and honor your self-care needs and practices.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 3: Why Healers Can't Have a "Normal" Life

(November 29, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird discuss energetic sensitivity, Spiritual awakening and what that means for living comfortably in modern society.


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 2: Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with the Shadow

(November 22, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird share insights and experiences about what it means to cultivate a healthy relationship with the darkness and work with Shadow energies (on the personal, professional and societal levels).


Shaman Sister Sessions Episode 1: Building Spiritual Community

(November 15, 2016)

Shamans Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird reflect on the importance of Spiritual community, the ripple effects of the election and global implications for awakening the collective consciousness.