Spiritual Warrior Mentorship With Michelle Hawk

Shaman, Reiki Master Michelle Hawk Levesque in Portland, OR

You are a Warrior of the Light.

You want to live your greatest Joy in every moment.

You desire to express your fiercest Love.

You know that you are here to serve a deeper Purpose.

You hear the call to step into your power.

You are ready to embody your own Divine nature.

You are ready to awaken your inner warrior.

Awaken Your Inner Spiritual Warrior

Live your Greatest Joy, your Fiercest Love and your Deepest Purpose.

You might be a candidate for Spiritual Warrior Mentorship with Michelle Hawk if:

  • You are ready to step fully into the highest expression of your Divine nature.
  • Your Inner Spiritual Warrior is ready to wake up and reveal itself to the world.
  • You are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.
  • You yearn to discover your greatest Joy.
  • You deeply desire to step into the fullness of your fiercest Love.
  • You wish to embody the full expression of your deepest Purpose.
  • You know that you have a greater purpose, but aren't sure how that will manifest.
  • You are already living your gifts and your purpose, but need some guidance on how to shine your light even more brightly.
  • You are ready to step into a fully expressed life of service to the Highest and Greatest Good.
  • You want to cultivate your personal and/or professional practice.
  • You desire a deeper connection with Spirit.
  • You know that the world needs you to claim your power, NOW.
  • You feel the call to inspire others through your journey of empowerment and self-actualization.
  • Your Inner Spiritual Warrior is ready to make its vision known for the evolution of all humanity.

Commit to Your Warrior's Journey

Spiritual Warrior Apprentices work with Michelle Hawk in three-month intervals, meeting three or more times per month over the phone or Skype for a minimum of three months with plenty of support between each call. Michelle works with Spiritual Warrior Apprentices in Portland, OR and worldwide. Each month includes two mentorship calls (one hour each) and one or more Shamanic healing sessions (90 minutes each). You'll receive an audio recording of each call to listen to anytime.

Please fill out the contact form below to get us started.

Contact me for a free consultation to assess if this work is right for you. When you decide to work with me, we will focus your intention and set goals for your journey, then begin!

Hi Michelle,
WOW! I cannot thank you enough today. That was an amazing session. Your skills I admire, and am thankful and happy to have found you!
I have a chance to relax now and I am in need of that after our amazing work. I will update with any and all revaluations in the meantime. Big thanks for today and you will hear from me as things progress on my end.
— D. W. Adelaide, South Australia

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