Spiritual Warrior Mentorship

Shamanic Healing and Guidance in Awakening and Claiming Your Mastery


you have a Soul mission based in authentic service and feel the call to step fully into the highest expression of your work.

You are ready to master yourself and your craft.

You are ready to walk your path as a Spiritual Warrior.

Michelle’s work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers which have only recently come through their awakening to their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen. She brings a lot of tools to the table. More than I can even express here.

She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best.
— Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA

The Journey of Mastery

True Mastery doesn't come from a certification. It doesn't come from fulfilling a prerequisite number of practice hours, reading certain books or studying with well-known teachers.

It comes first from our inner codes and energetic signatures.

I was first introduced to the idea of Master Codes when I was 15 years old, though it took me almost 15 years after that to fully understand the concept. I was receiving my very first energy healing session from a woman who later became a mentor of mine. During our session, she told me that I carried Master energy. I asked her how she knew that, and she told me she saw what looked like a glowing necklace on me that she had only ever seen on Masters. Confused and not yet familiar with the term, I asked her, "Do you mean I'm going to go get my Master's degree?" She chuckled at me and told me not to worry about it, but that it would become clear in time.

Over the years, I deepened my practice and received my Master certification in various modalities, but I still felt uncomfortable with the term. I choked on the words "Reiki Master" for years after my training, because I was still grounding in the embodiment of Master energy. As I grew more comfortable with my own Master Self, it became much easier for me to identify that energetic signature in others. I started noticing that certain people who came across my path all carried a certain frequency, which I discovered was the same Master Coding that my mentor had seen in me many years ago. Some of these people were well-established Master Practitioners, but some were just starting out on the path and had yet to discover their Master Nature. As these people became my students and clients, I supported them as they stepped into and claimed their Mastery and fully expressed their Master Codes.


Michelle Hawk Shaman Reiki Master Code Activation

What are the Master Codes?

Think "DNA of the Soul."

In addition to the physical, observable codes held in our DNA and genetic material, all beings have "Soul DNA," or a set of unique energetic blueprinting and signatures. This energetic structure is just as vital to your fundamental makeup as is your physical DNA, and holds an infinitely complex web of codes and frequencies.

Everyone has Master Codes.

In some people, these Codes of Mastery are fully activated and expressed (usually as a result of a great deal of work and personal practice). In most people, however, these Codes are either dormant, or they have been activated, but there is conflicting coding in the way of their full expression.

The process of Master Code Activation is being accelerated.

As the vibration on Earth continues to rise with the influx of new energies and awareness of the collective consciousness, it is becoming easier and faster to activate and express the Master Codes.

Uplevel yourself, your craft and the planet.

By activating these codes, we are shifting into a new level of Self Mastery that directly affects our work and ability to be of service. By claiming our Mastery, we are able to uplevel not only ourselves but all those beings on Earth and the vibration of the planet.


Activate Your Codes of Mastery

Through our Master Code Activation work, you will:

  • Fully activate your energetic Codes of Mastery.
  • Discover the specific, unique expression of your Master work in the world.
  • Receive a profound shift in your energetic structure and signatures, as well as upgrades to your physical systems and current embodiment.
  • Dramatically uplevel your current practice to greater degrees of effectiveness, efficiency and alignment.
  • Have a greater energetic capacity and be able to work with more powerful energies.
  • Increase your intuitive and psychic abilities, your awareness of subtle frequencies and your ability to to fine-tune your vibration.
  • Fully rewrite and release any blockages and interferences inhibiting the full expression of your Master Codes.
  • Shepherd yourself through your own Death and Rebirth as your Master Self.
  • Meet your Master Mentor: your guide for this new phase of your life.
  • Integrate and embody the role of Mastery in your Self and your craft.


Who is Master Code Activation for?

  • You are a healer, Spiritual mentor, coach, bodyworker, change-maker, entrepreneur or mission-based professional who is called to live a fully expressed life of service.
  • You already have a comfortable understanding of energy work, but you are ready to uplevel your practice and claim your Mastery.
  • You know that you hold Master energy, but aren't exactly sure how to ground it in and express it.
  • You feel called to commit to yourself and your service in a bigger way.
  • You have a strong personal practice and understanding of your energy field.
  • You know that you are a part of a global shift in consciousness and are ready to claim your role as the Master Creator of a new paradigm.
  • You know that the societal systems and structures aren't working, and you are ready to be a way-shower for others to ground in and create a new way of being on the planet.

Your Master Path

Your journey of Master Code Activation consists of 7 potent sessions.

During these sessions, I will guide you through the process of awakening your inner Master Codes. We'll work together over the course of 14 weeks to assess, recode and activate your energetic structure.

With my support, you'll ask yourself these very important questions:

1. What is my current energy coding?

Together, we will assess and map the energy flow in your body and review your energetic structure and signatures. We'll remove blockages, bring awareness to your current coding and create space for Master Code Activation to occur.

2. What is the nature of my Master Codes?

In this session, I'll lead you through a journey to meet your Master Self. You'll gain clarity about where you're going, identify the specific frequency of your Master Codes and plant the seed of intention to start your journey.

3. What's getting in the way of my Master Code activation?

This is where we go into the Archives to work directly with your Soul Contract. You will have the opportunity to review your Soul Contract and Agreements and rewrite any parts that are not in alignment with the actualization of your intention to activate your Codes of Mastery.

4. What part of me needs to die so that I can be reborn as my Master Self?

Together, we'll hold a Death ceremony to honor and release your past Self. In doing so, you'll give yourself permission to change your energetic structure and signatures, you'll cut the necessary cords and free up energy to activate your Master Codes.

5. Who am I in my Mastery?

Congratulations! We'll hold a rebirth ceremony so that you can meet the physical manifestation of your actualized Master Self. Embody the change by running energy through your new pathways and honoring your transformation.

6. Who are my Master Mentors and Guides?

Now that you have activated your Codes of Mastery, you will have new guides to accompany you on your path. I will lead you through a journey to meet your Master Mentors and begin working with them.

7. How do I fully live my Mastery?

This session is all about integration: let's put your work into practice so you can ground it in. Learn tools and techniques to support your Master Path and the continued grounding of your code activation.


The Details

Here's what you can look forward to in our work together:

  • 7 Master Code Activation sessions, 90 minutes each, over the course of 14 weeks. These sessions are available in person in Portland or over the phone worldwide.
  • Audio recordings of each session to listen to anytime
  • Follow-up in between each session
  • Tools and exercises to continue the integration of the healing work
  • Plenty of support from me throughout the process
  • Additional resources to complement and inform your journey of Mastery



$500 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance into Master Code Activation

Pay in full: remainder of $2000 (total $2500, due by Week 1)

Three payments of $750 (1st payment due by Week 1, 2nd and 3rd payments due 30 and 60 days later)


"I am beyond thrilled to be participating in Michelle Hawk's New Moon Rising intensive transformation program. As a healer and guide, I often don't get enough energy work or support myself with the magical community that I have access to even when I know I need it. This seems to be a common thread for many in my field. I am so happy to have committed to this deep dive with Michelle as she is truly an incredible practitioner.

Michelle's work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers which have only recently come through their awakening to their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen. She brings a lot of tools to the table. More than I can even express here.

She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best. She is fully in control of her channel. She has brought through guides, Angels, Ascended masters, lost aspects of self and other beings as needed. She is clear with them and not afraid to interact with beings that might seem negative to get a hold on their wisdom and why they are there. In this, I felt completely held, safe and connected.

In session she weaves through the Shamanic and energetic realms while bringing forth soul songs and profound messages. It is so much fun to find a sister that works both a lot like me and in totally different ways as well.

In this program, she has given me so many questions to go over to really dive into my life, what I am noticing, experiencing, ready to let go of and wanting to call into my being. I really am excited to see where I am at the end because I can already feel huge shifts occurring."

– Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA

"Michelle, I would love to take a moment to let you know how this work has impacted my life in such a deep way. I am so grateful to experience your gifts, and let you know personally that much is shifting in my life. I am feeling all of the deepest intentions we held together at the beginning of this process were given a space to be planted. I will be thrilled as the unfolding of what is meant to be birthed comes forward."

– Jennifer Alyse, Visionary Entrepreneur and founder of the Empowered Event. Portland, OR

"It has been a complete honor to journey with you. My overall experience was blissful. I experienced such Grace, and an opening of peace within myself I have never felt before. The greatest shift that has been present for me is a deep, grounded trust in the Universe. I feel so supported and guided.

I feel you have a tremendous gift in how you approach the individual sessions. In fact, I found them to be so powerful that I had to clear out my schedule for the rest of the day. I noticed tremendous shifts each week. I feel that I am still integrating the work that was done.

I feel that helping people tune into the potent rhythm of the Universal Cycle of Power and how it correlates to intentions is powerful. Imagine if each person knew within themselves they had the power to co-create their reality and be in alignment with the cosmos... It is revolutionary work you are offering, and I am so humbly grateful to have been a part. In fact, it went by so quickly that I would love to experience it again."

– Melinda Essig, Visionary Artist. Portland, OR

"I have been sharing your incredible offerings with quite a few women in the past couple of days. I can feel the potency of your vision so strongly, and I am appreciating the intention you are bringing to this program. I am so honored and grateful for this journey, and I am in awe and such humble gratitude for our experience. I deeply felt our first session and have been highly sensitive to my surroundings the past two days. In fact, after our latest session, I had to lie down and sleep. It is such an honor, and I am so grateful to experience this with you."

– P. J. Portland, OR

"THANK YOU for taking me through such an incredible experience!! It's been such a powerful move. I'm feeling lighter already :). I feel as though I've taken a big step on the path toward working on my big picture goals (that I'll probably be working on for my entire life)."

– M. O. Portland, OR