Client Testimonials

Here are some of the great things clients are saying about working with Shaman Michelle Hawk.

Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Warrior Mentorship Testimonials

"Michelle has assisted my evolution over the last year and our sessions with such grace and integrity. Her ability to hold a solid, clear, joyful and nurturing container for the work and healing that happens within each session is humbling. Rarely have I felt so seen, encouraged to examine and embrace subtle and material threads of my spirit, soul and physical bodies and weave them together with intention, care and acceptance. Rarely have I encountered healers –  of various modalities – who encourage the ones they hold space for to truly take their lives back and step into their own sovereignty; she exists (in part) within the session to help clarify what may be muddy to my mind, to lovingly invite and to help me invite forgotten things into an embodied state of re-membering.

After booking my most recent session, I immediately became aware for the whole week of subtle threads in my emotional and energy bodies rising to the surface, knowing they were soon to be guided and seen; excited to be accepted and integrated. In wholeness, in joy, walking forward.

I am truly, deeply thankful for Michelle's wisdom, integrity, clarity and more...

Thank you!"

– A. V. Portland, OR

"Michelle is a truly gifted practitioner who holds a safe, powerful, and loving container.

In our sessions together she took me to a very deep place within myself and compassionately guided me through a transformative process.

I think it's rare to find healers and guides that embody her level of skill and integrity."

– A. M. Master Coach and Sound Healer. Portland, OR

"Dear Michelle, Thank you SO MUCH for yesterday's healing session. It has been profound. I have had so many shifts happening last night and this morning. Making space for the Goddess. Thank you again!"

– D. L. Shaman. Portland, OR

"Hi Michelle,

WOW! I cannot thank you enough today. That was an amazing first session. Your skills I admire, and am thankful and happy to have found you!

I have a chance to relax now and I am in need of that after our amazing work. I am working on my patience as well currently, so I will not push anything to reveal itself I will work with the energies and give them the respect to reveal once ready.

I will update with any and all revaluations in the meantime. Big thanks for today and you will hear from me as things progress on my end."

– D. W. Adelaide, South Australia

"Michelle is amazingly tapped in! Our short session was profound. It's as if I had that "it's just on the tip of my tongue feeling" for ages and now I finally know what I've been trying to say. I would tell you she's accessing information that is out of this world, but the truth is her guidance will assist you on Earth, right here and right now."

– Gemini Brett, Astrologer. Seattle, WA

"Good Evening, Michelle!

Wow. It's been a fantastic week or two since our last [Spiritual Warrior Mentorship] session. After the new moon when I felt the big shift, so many things started lining up. It's amazing. I feel so different. I have so much energy. I look forward to my days again and I am actually accomplishing things. It feels so good. I have kept having snake and bear show up often. It is a daily reminder to not fear the change and the waking up. For the first time in my life I can look in the mirror and tell myself I love myself and actually mean it. I feel my spirit respond and I love it. It blooms through my body and I can't explain the sensation.

I was able to secure a position with [omitted for privacy]. It fell into my lap and I was brave enough to pick it up. I don't feel the self-sabotaging thoughts that were very rampant before we started working together.

I attended a Tarot workshop this Monday and it really brought up some creative goals I would not have thought about prior to all this wonderful energy.

I feel like I am finding my old self but as a new self. If you know what I mean!?"

– M. V. Salem, OR

"Just had the most INCREDIBLE energy and guides reading from Shaman Master Michelle Hawk! I am one that is very discerning and leery around these things, but after hearing the one she did for my wife, I just had to sign up!

She absolutely nailed several critical components for me around where things are headed, the confusion of the paths I see, my frustrations around moving and not knowing where to, our business and the direction it is headed, and so many other things...

I have never heard our work put so clearly. And I loved the part she (they) shared about how we are the arrow, and our work will live on long after we die. We have work to do!

I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!!

Thank you, Michelle!"

– Jonathan Hudson, Clinical Sexologist. Escondido, CA

"Wanted to express my gratitude to Michelle Hawk for a great mini-session last week!

Michelle asked her followers where they felt called to further develop their intuitive abilities, and when I answered, she offered me a 15min psychic reading on how I could better hone my skills as a coach, reader, and healer. Right away she nailed several energies that were already coming together in my life, including my upcoming soul-sibling ceremony with my spiritual brother. She also nailed the fact that I needed a quick energetic clearing before she could dive in, and she was totally on point about that. I felt better, more centered, and more aligned when she finished. I'm really looking forward to exploring more of her offerings to give myself more confidence in my abilities as a practitioner, and in the meantime I definitely recommend her as a reader to help you align yourself on your path!"

– Arden Leigh, Coach and Author of The New Rules of Attraction. Los Angeles, CA

"Last session really stepped things up for me. Felt clear after our [Spiritual Warrior Mentorship] session. Our sessions have become really important to me. The progress toward purpose and destination are fast. I am happy with the direction. I'm looking forward to our next session. I'll renew my bookings again and we will keep getting deeper toward what I'm trying to become and achieve. I appreciate you and the work/time you’re giving to me. Oh and also I appreciate the challenging questions you ask me. My evolution is the goal and goals are only found in the things we aren't good at, not in our strengths. So thank you for pushing. I will continue to respond!

I think the most important thing is that I'm finding answers for questions that I have been searching for, for a long time on my Warrior Path. 10 years I've been searching for answers, and now I’m finding questions to answer within myself.

This is all very important to me. It's become more than a mission, it's who I am underneath. It's what I bleed and breathe. Ever expansive and allowing to evolve. That's but a taste of where I am right now.

I am looking forward to know what more our work will bring forth.

I love this life/style. It's me.

Thanks Michelle so far."

– Darrell W. Australia

"Michelle, what a sweet and magical time I had with you today! Thank you for delivering your spot on messages to me. Super helpful, and like you, I am sitting with all of this. It feels so right when we as healers support each other on our sacred journey. Thank you!!!"

– Dr. Heike Joy Lindenhoven, Healer. Escondido, CA

"Michelle, I feel like I have to say this again, I have to gone to SO many healers, you have no idea… like a junkie looking for clarity. You are so CLEAR, you are so GOOD, you have done so much learning and you LOVE it, and that’s so rare. I’m really happy. Thank you for deciding to do this work in the world!"

– J. L. Portland, OR

"I had the pleasure of receiving another wonderful Reiki session from Michelle. Her intuitive skills are genuine, and I'm always impressed by her ability to know exactly what I need. We worked deeply to release and heal beyond my stated intentions. I loved that my grandmother and other ancestors added their love to my most recent session. I'm excited to continue our work together. Thank you!"

– R. M. Portland, OR

"I received an extremely accurate and helpful intuitive reading from Michelle Hawk a few months ago, and it is still not only guiding my life today, but is serving as a grounding rod to keep bringing me back to myself. Michelle is a gifted healer, seer and Shaman who has the ability to deliver the exact guidance needed in a way that inspires and encourages. She meets you where you are, and gently guides you into your highest self, offering both symbolic and practical tools. I am so grateful for the magic that unfolded during our session. It taught me a lot about myself and strengthened my connection with my guides and inner stillness. If you are reading this testimonial, I encourage you to reach out to Michelle and receive your divinely guided session, it will transform you."

– Anya L. Transformational Coach. Ojai, CA

"I was referred to Michelle by a very close friend who knew I was in a dark place and felt very alone. Honestly, I was reluctant to reach out because my money was/is tight and I didn't want to blow it on someone who might be able to offer me something. I needed a sure thing. I'm going through the menopausal transition. My mood is ever changing. I have a large fibroid tumor and zero patience. I took a gamble and purchased the 3 session package that Michelle offers. I am very happy to report that I got my money's worth and more. Michelle does what she does, and a door opened for me. I am still broke and still have a large fibroid tumor, but I have a perspective on my life and the lives of my ancestors and spirit guides that changed how I feel about myself in this present moment. Gaining a new perspective was exactly what I needed to be able to move forward with strength and a sense of empowerment. Michelle helped me to create a new contract for my life that is sustaining me through a very difficult time. Thank you so much."

– F. M. Albuquerque, NM

"Michelle holds such a clear, strong container that is safe and expansive. My experience working with her is so fulfilling, and has allowed an opportunity for me to reflect inwardly and with clarity."

– J. R. Portland, OR


I greatly enjoyed our [Animal Totem] work today.

When we started my long time and primary animal spirit guide, the white horse, "released" me to work with the Wolf pack today. Go, learn, listen.

I welcomed Wolf to my journey and am comforted by her wisdom to guide me.

After coming home there was a feeling of increased vibration and having been "stretched" outside the normal limits of my body but not in a bad or painful way. Just expanded.

I'm still processing but as I said after our session, I am not the same and don't expect to ever be, and that's a good thing. Thank you for your guidance in Wolf song. I welcome Wolf into my being. I have always admired the balance, nurturing and fairness of the pack and think it has much to teach me."

– C. B. Silverton, OR

Energy Healing Symbol

Reiki Class and Workshop Testimonials from Students

"Michelle Hawk is one of the clearest channels for energy I have ever met. I took a Reiki class with her and observed not only her relationship with people but with animals and love the fact that there is no distinction for her, no judgment, no hierarchy--we are all sentient beings with lessons to learn and teach. I learned so much about managing my own energy, essential oils, and communication with animal and human beings in her class. Highly recommended!"

– Jasmine L. Portland, OR

"[My husband and daughter] had such positive, powerful experiences with you [in your Animal Communication Class]. We have talked about it a great deal as a family and Emily is typing up the notes she took... the conversations, exchanges and meditation all meant a lot to her. Thank you for providing a rich, productive and educational session."

– Jana H. Lake Oswego, OR

"I want to truly thank the both of you [Michelle and her mother, Rosemary] for the instruction, guidance, knowledge and kindness you have given me. My spirit and overall life energy has, dare I say, flourished in a number of ways since that weekend [Reiki class], and I consider meeting the two of you as a major blessing in my life. It was certainly right on time.

I can also sense joy and humor and life energy of other people, even strangers, in a much more heightened way than before. All in all, things do seem brighter; or rather, I am much more able to readily see what there is to be grateful for in basically any given situation. Though disease and pain and problems exist all over, so does life energy, and in seeing that, one can have hope." 

– Tina M. Portland, OR

"I love Reiki. I think the energetic clearing I went through during your training was of huge benefit, thank you for creating/holding the space for that. I have been doing personal practice every day and my experience is getting richer. I am feeling greater balance and well-being with each session, and am learning insights about my energetic body. This has also given me a much-needed reminder of my connection to source and a deeper understanding of what this means and how I want to relate. In my massage practice I find the tools of clearing/charging the space with Reiki very helpful. I have much more confidence with the responsibility for the energy in my room now. In the past, even when I know that the room was thick with heavy/sticky energy, I haven't understood how to effectively clear the space or keep myself separate from it, even though I have theoretically known what to do. I believe that Reiki can do what I was not able to. I am practicing better energetic boundaries with my clients, and this is making more sense.

I feel blessed and honored to channel this energy for myself and each of my client's greatest healing."

– Laura A., Portland, OR


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