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Michelle Hawk Shaman Alchemist Spiritual Mentor Portland OR

Meet Michelle Hawk

From the time I was a young child, I always wanted to help people, animals and the Earth. I knew that magic was real, but I had no idea how to master my intuitive gifts and fully express my heart and spirit.

Now, after 10 years offering Spiritual Training, I’ve helped hundreds of Lightworkers master their Craft by mastering them Selves.

Michelle’s work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers who have only recently come through their awakening into their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen... She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best.
— Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA
Michelle Hawk Testimonial Shaman Alchemist Portland, OR Katherine Bird

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