I AM Alchemy

The Certification Training Course in the Art and Science of Personal Transformation

April 2, 2019 - March 15, 2020


you are called to work magic with the energy that exists all around you.

You are ready to master the powerful cycles of change and transformation.

You believe in the possibility of radical shift that comes with easy and graceful alignment.

You are ready to access the magic of I AM alchemy.

The Alchemy of I AM

The Art and Science of Transformation

Alchemy, an ancient body of knowledge originating over 10,000 years ago, is not only the origin of all modern sciences but also a profoundly Spiritual practice. While popular understanding of Alchemy centers around the transmutation of lead into gold, this belies the core principles of Alchemical philosophy: in short, the transformation from Spiritual immaturity into enlightenment through harmonizing with Universal life force. The procedural steps of Alchemy, which eventually led to the foundation of modern chemistry, were merely the physical representation of the Spiritual journey of the practitioner.

Today, we apply the principles of Alchemy in the context of personal actualization and empowerment in order to transform ourselves and our lives to embody a state of grace, harmony and freedom. We employ ancient practices, surrender to the cosmos and align with the Universal Cycles of Power. We consciously ground Spirit into our bodies and our lived, human experience for the benefit of ourselves, of all beings on Earth and of the Earth herself.

(In addition to paving the way for modern science, Alchemical principles provided the roots for all occult and mystical traditions. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Hermetic mystery schools, Tarot, Kabbalah, Shamanism and more are all informed by or derived from Alchemy. Any seeker on the path who incorporates Alchemy into their work will not only gain an enormously valuable skill set and knowledge base, but enhance their understanding of their core practices.)


 Shaman, Reiki Master Michelle Hawk Levesque in Portland, OR

The I AM Presence

I AM is the most powerful declaration in existence.

You're probably familiar with "I AM..." affirmations, but what are we actually affirming?

The I AM has many names, but it is nothing less than the identification and resonance of our Divine Self. Also known as The One Presence, The God Body, Christ Consciousness and more, when we embody our I AM presence, we express our Divine nature. We acknowledge that we are sacred, infinite and inextricably a part of All That Is. When we fully integrate the I AM, we claim our role as the sovereign, magical creator of our existence.

For thousands of years and and for many devotees, the process of Alchemy provided the keys to undergo initiations of the spirit, burning away all that was heavy and impure in order to reveal the gleaming gold of an awakened soul. Alchemical practices allow us to explore our powers of self-transformation and actualization in order to come into the fullest expression of our I AM, bringing our God selves into existence on the Earth plane.

As Above, so Below. As Without, so Within. Let us begin. I AM Alchemy

Through our I AM Alchemy work, you will:

  • Receive profound training in practical applications of magic, ritual and ceremony that will have a material, measurable effect on your life, your practice and your world through creating your reality and actualizing your intention.

  • Learn the philosophy, principles and practice of Alchemy from a modern, grounded perspective.

  • Become a magical practitioner capable of setting effective intentions, changing structures, altering reality and shifting the blueprint of your life.

  • Bring your I AM presence, your true Divine nature, to full actualization and expression.

  • Discover techniques to bring greater power and depth to your personal and/or professional healing practice.

  • Participate in practicum (facilitate Alchemical experiences for your fellow I AM Alchemists during the second half of the year).

  • Receive certification as an I AM Alchemy practitioner.


Who is I AM Alchemy for?

  • You are a healer, Spiritual mentor, coach, bodyworker, change-maker, entrepreneur or mission-based professional who is called to live a fully expressed life of service.

  • You already have a comfortable understanding of energy work, a strong personal practice and awareness of your energy field.

  • You are ready to uplevel your practice and master the art of allowing radical, instant manifestation and creation on the Earthly plane.

  • You are excited to join a carefully curated cohort of like-minded people who will share your journey of growth and change.

  • You are ready to master the process of Alchemy that will enable you to become the magical visionary creator of your life.

  • You know that you are a part of a global shift in consciousness and are ready to collaborate with your fellow Magic people and seekers on the path.

  • You know that the societal systems and structures aren't working, and you are ready to be a way-shower for others to ground in and create a new way of being on the planet.


IF YOU CHOOSE IT, you will be initiated into the full unfolding of your own Alchemy.


I AM Alchemy Michelle Hawk

The journey of I AM Alchemy includes:

  • Four immersive, all-inclusive retreats (three four-day training retreats and one three-day closing and graduation ceremony weekend) in a beautiful natural setting near Portland

  • 36 90-minute group training sessions with Michelle Hawk (3 per month, see dates below)

  • One private session per month with Michelle Hawk (12 total) for coaching, healing work, accountability and personal feedback

  • The I AM Alchemy curriculum, journal and course materials available to you in perpetuity

  • Practicum sessions during the second half of the year

  • Online classroom for sharing experiences and furthering connections with the group

  • Special guest speakers and facilitators to share the expression of their Alchemy

  • An intimate, carefully curated cohort of fellow Alchemists on the path

  • A safe container for personal Alchemy with plenty of collaborative group support

  • Special gifts and bonuses from Michelle Hawk throughout the year

  • FREE admission to Lunar Alchemy events preceding and during this course! See calendar page for details.

  • Certification as an I AM Alchemy practitioner

Not included: transportation to and from retreats and closing graduation ceremony.



$777 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance into I AM Alchemy, plus EITHER:

Pay in full: remainder of $10,500 (total $11,277, due by March 22, 2019)

Twelve payments of $997 (due on the 1st of every month, beginning in April 2019)


I AM Alchemy Calendar

Retreat Dates and Locations

Retreat #3: Awakening the Alchemist

October 31 - November 3, 2019

Banks, OR (Heaven and Earth Retreats)

Retreat #1: Igniting the Spark

April 4-7, 2019

Banks, OR (Heaven and Earth Retreats)

Closing and Graduation Ceremony Weekend

March 13-15, 2020

Banks, OR (Heaven and Earth Retreats)

Retreat #2: Illuminating the Vision

July 18-21, 2019

Banks, OR (Heaven and Earth Retreats)


Online Training Dates

All calls are on Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.

October 8, 15, 22 and 29

November 5, 12 and 26

December 3, 10 and 17

January 2020: 7, 14 and 21

February 4, 11 and 18

March 3 and 10


April 2019: 2, 16 and 30

May 7, 14 and 28

June 4, 18 and 25

July 2, 16 and 30

August 13, 20 and 27

September 10, 17 and 24


 IAM Alchemy certified practitioner Michelle Hawk


At the end of the year, you will receive certification as an I AM Alchemy practitioner. You will be empowered to use the skills and knowledge you acquire over the course of the year to create radical change in your life and the lives of those around you. You will be able to utilize practical Magic and the Alchemical process in your personal and professional life. You may add the I AM Alchemy curriculum to your current practice to amplify the results you already achieve.

This first year certifies you as a practitioner. If you are interested in pursuing further Mastery and Teaching certification, more training will be available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions



Certification in I AM Alchemy is part of the program and is built into the experience. The only requirement is full attendance of all course hours. There are no additional tests, exams, or practicum sessions outside of the training and coursework. Once you are certified, you are certified for life. You may apply and advertise your certification as you like.


What is the benefit of being certified?

For course graduates who choose to utilize this training as part of your professional practice, certification will give you the ability to share with others your level of dedication to the work and continued education. By achieving certification, you receive a tangible symbol of your commitment to self-mastery and devotion to your practice.


What if I can't attend all or a portion of a retreat?

The in-person retreats and closing ceremony are a vital portion of this work. The retreats include invaluable education and group support time. I ask that you only invest in this program if you can attend each retreat in full. If you are unable to commit, please do not apply.


What is the time investment?

Outside of the three retreats and the Closing and Graduation ceremony, you can expect to invest about 2-3 hours per week over the course of the year. This includes training hours, one-on-one with Michelle, assignments and recommended reading.


What happens if I miss a training session?

Training sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the course resource folder. If you are unable to attend a live training session, you must make up the time on your own.


Is I AM Alchemy accredited through a governing body, such as the NCBTMB? 

I AM Alchemy curriculum is not accredited. Board accreditation inherently limits the freedom and flexibility of creating a course in practical applications of magic and their real-time relevance in an ever-changing world.


Can I receive continuing education credits for I AM Alchemy?

Possibly. Check with your certification board about requirements for credit hours. Michelle is happy to sign and support you in submitting appropriate documentation for you to receive credit toward maintaining your massage, acupuncture, nursing, counseling or other licensure.

Client Love

Here are some of the great things that prior clients have to share about their experience working with Michelle Hawk.


"I am beyond thrilled to be participating in Michelle Hawk's intensive transformation program. As a healer and guide, I often don't get enough energy work or support myself with the magical community that I have access to even when I know I need it. This seems to be a common thread for many in my field. I am so happy to have committed to this deep dive with Michelle as she is truly an incredible practitioner.

Michelle's work is so powerful and authentic. Unlike many healers which have only recently come through their awakening to their gifts, Michelle has been doing this work since she was a young girl and studying intensely since an early teen. She brings a lot of tools to the table. More than I can even express here.

She is a pure channel. I dare say one of the best. She is fully in control of her channel. She has brought through guides, Angels, Ascended masters, lost aspects of self and other beings as needed. She is clear with them and not afraid to interact with beings that might seem negative to get a hold on their wisdom and why they are there. In this, I felt completely held, safe and connected.

In session she weaves through the Shamanic and energetic realms while bringing forth soul songs and profound messages. It is so much fun to find a sister that works both a lot like me and in totally different ways as well.

In this program, she has given me so many questions to go over to really dive into my life, what I am noticing, experiencing, ready to let go of and wanting to call into my being. I really am excited to see where I am at the end because I can already feel huge shifts occurring."

– Katherine Bird, Shaman and Transformational Coach. San Diego, CA


"Michelle, I would love to take a moment to let you know how this work has impacted my life in such a deep way. I am so grateful to experience your gifts, and let you know personally that much is shifting in my life. I am feeling all of the deepest intentions we held together at the beginning of this process were given a space to be planted. I will be thrilled as the unfolding of what is meant to be birthed comes forward."

– Jennifer Alyse, Visionary Entrepreneur and founder of the Empowered Event. Portland, OR

Jennifer Alyse.jpg


"It has been a complete honor to journey with you. My overall experience was blissful. I experienced such Grace, and an opening of peace within myself I have never felt before. The greatest shift that has been present for me is a deep, grounded trust in the Universe. I feel so supported and guided.

I feel you have a tremendous gift in how you approach the individual sessions. In fact, I found them to be so powerful that I had to clear out my schedule for the rest of the day. I noticed tremendous shifts each week. I feel that I am still integrating the work that was done.

I feel that helping people tune into the potent rhythm of the Universal Cycle of Power and how it correlates to intentions is powerful. Imagine if each person knew within themselves they had the power to co-create their reality and be in alignment with the cosmos... It is revolutionary work you are offering, and I am so humbly grateful to have been a part. In fact, it went by so quickly that I would love to experience it again."

– Melinda Essig, Visionary Artist. Portland, OR

"I have been sharing your incredible offerings with quite a few women in the past couple of days. I can feel the potency of your vision so strongly, and I am appreciating the intention you are bringing to this program. I am so honored and grateful for this journey, and I am in awe and such humble gratitude for our experience. I deeply felt our first session and have been highly sensitive to my surroundings the past two days. In fact, after our latest session, I had to lie down and sleep. It is such an honor, and I am so grateful to experience this with you."

– P. J. Portland, OR

"THANK YOU for taking me through such an incredible experience!! It's been such a powerful move. I'm feeling lighter already :). I feel as though I've taken a big step on the path toward working on my big picture goals (that I'll probably be working on for my entire life)."

– M. O. Portland, OR